OSC’s The Mid East belongs to Muslims like how Germany belongs to the Nazi party

(Unrelated note: Today’s collection of photos was actually the very first used here on OSC, you’ve never seen it because I didn’t bother to get any readers for the first year or so 😛 ) A poster once shared on the blog how they didn’t like that I wrote to so many unintelligent people, now, that’s never actually crossed my mind, and without naming names, I’d like to think I’ve shared an open dialogue with loads of bright posters. Besides, if I were to concede that in general I do talk with many “unintelligent” people both online and in person, or at least people who’re not acquainted with religion, should that surprise anyone? Meatheads are just so much more plenteous than the PHD super educated elite brain surgeons. Do meatheads not need Jesus? Sure they do! They need Him just so desperately as an educated man. With that in mind, I’ve recently been sharing messages with a couple of boxing fanboys. Now, before making any punchy jokes, I’m actually a big fan of the sport myself. Maybe that’s unchristian of me (my more critical family in the faith can say), but I’ve never liked boxing for the punches, in fact, when an older friend of mine called boxing a mugs game, one played by people who don’t value their body/looks (he used to box himself) I replied “The aim is to not get hit in the face!”

Like kids going to karate during the fanfare of the Teenage mutant ninja turtles or any other physical discipline, these things aren’t really about hurting people, they’re about self-control and sportsmanship (and all the kids leave upset). With that in mind, me and a few others began writing on the subject of Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield. For anybody watching the video link, the relevant portion runs for about the first five minutes, then you’re good to continue reading.





Geoff Cliff: All them f***ing ****heads surrounding Tyson into the ring shouting ‘ Allah akbar ‘. what a f***ing joke.

black 440: he is muslim

Skakotai: no reason to make a total fool of yourself.

Hassan Moussie: keep hating

OSC: Many critics, some of which were honest Tyson supporters, watched Mike before any of this silliness. This was yet another step on the road into Tyson the athlete becoming Mike the circus sideshow, even a caricature of his former self. Nobody wanted that for such an awesome boxer. That’s not to write Cliff is a supporter, they may be a hater drinking hate eight or whatever, that’s their business and should have been kept to himself…a bit like how Tyson and his entourage’s Islam doesn’t belong on public show.

Vladimir Eng: ISIS!

Unbeastable: Well… the christian dude surely wrecked that muslim. Now.. your the one who is hating mate. But than again accourding to your name you are a muslim so its no surprise such a comment coming from you.

Hassan Moussie: huh? i haven’t said anything in the comments not that i can remember (It’s right there! ^^^ Above my comment)

IwantAgoodCleanFight: Well he is muslim, but hes muslim in the most loosest sense of the word. I know little of the teaching of islam however I believe muslims arent allowed to take drugs or deface their bodies with tattoos, if they follow the koran, which of course they should…….. I image it teaches one to behave with honesty and modesty, which he hasnt….Mike is probably the worst example of a muslim that I can think of.

OSC: I think Tyson is Muslim in the loosest sense like how almost everybody is the thing which they identify as in the loose sense, that’s why we have the word nominal (also known as “in name only”). Most Buddhists are nominal Buddhists, most believers in Hinduism are nominal, most Muslims (thank goodness) are nominal Muslims. The Qur’an teaches Muslims to murder non-Muslims, in addition, the Islamic traditions, through which the Qur’an is given both context and chronology, teaches believers in Muhammad to kill ex-Muslims, expel Christians and Jews from Arabia and to wipe one’s posterior by an odd number of smooth rocks (ouch!) The best answer people can provide when met by such an ugly religion is to throw another religion (normally Christianity) under the bus. Protip for all, if you go to prison, like Tyson did, make sure you don’t come out Muslim.

Joshua Mataafa-Thompson: some interesting points… however people also need to consider the time frame in when the book was written and the current state of affairs the people were facing in order for these messages and instructions of hate to appear in the book… because there are many messages of love, tolerance and peace as well .. Christianity has updated its book many many many times over the course of history to go with the times let’s not forget Christian religion was responsible at a given time for the same of not worst acts of rape murder (Huh?) etc etc but of course that isn’t exceptable today.. the book used to also say silly things in regards to a woman’s mensual cycle clearly things of the time (Oh gosh, rereading this material, letting the awfulness of the entire thing sink in. It’s as if this poster is meaning the Torah when he writes “the book used to say”, which of course is in a sense unrelated both in the religious context, and even in the secular context to what’s historically known as Christianity. “your book got changed” means in this guys world “there was progressive revelation.” Such poor communication. Perhaps he’s not meaning to connect the book change point to the mensual cyclepoint, who knows with these people.).… if we consider the Quran was written at a time when the Muslim world was fighting off oppression and invaders then makes sense to have the messages we see today… and yet today we are still oppressing and invading their lands .. in the end my opinion is relegion has caused all the problems and all relegions have a part to play (So, “all relegion” causes all of the problems, and out of every relegion Mataafa makes the Christian faith their point of attack. Christians who by Christian beliefs pioneered education, science and hospitals. Just so many fields from which humanity benefits. But yeah, let’s attack Christianity, haven’t we already dismantled the religious relativism myth?”)

OSC: As I’ve shared already, my friend, if you’ve got an illness in your brain, something growing inside of your head that shouldn’t be there, it’s not an intelligent or loving response from the brain surgeon you’re visiting if he insists upon talking about the bad state of your teeth. You’d reply “Sir, with respect, I have an issue in my brain, stop changing the subject.” If Islam is backwards and teaches hatred why is it that people, yourself also included, feel an irresistible desire to mention religions which predate Islam by many hundreds of years?

The Christian religion, if readers are unaware, hasn’t updated any of the materials which have gone into making the New Testament/Torah, in fact, Christians even today translate their modern Bible from ancient manuscript sources written in koine Greek. I can speak some myself. Canon may have been debated, that’s not the same as “updating” books however. Nor are there any materials found within the New Testament which command Christians to behave violently (the opposite would be true). If you know any, please share them.

In fact, the New Testament, because you’ve made Christianity the focus of your reply, is the most authoritative collection of manuscripts in all of antiquity. Nobody in the world of academia questions the awesome manuscript authority of the New Testament, nothing of what it contains has been left in doubt. Not to be rude to yourself, but the people who believe it’s been changed are normally internet atheists and ticked off cult members.

The Christian religion isn’t “responsible” for violent acts committed by nominal “Christians”, they’re Christian in name only, in name not in deed. Anybody who knows the teachings of Christ does not write messages accusing Christians of violence. Blaming Christianity for violence is like blaming vegetarianism for animal cruelty.

What the Qur’an says really doesn’t matter in the grander public discourse. The Qur’an is a hot mess, it makes no sense, in terms of literature it’s an abomination. I’ve read it, it’s a poorly written mess. It’s got no context, that’s messy for anybody reading. What’s important is what the later traditions say that the Qur’an says, and unfortunately for everybody in the modern world, the traditions are filled with disgusting commands to wipe one’s bottom with rocks and to rape little crying children. The traditions make sense of the Qur’an, and the traditions use the most violent parts of the Qur’an to form their narrative. The Qur’an is mostly violent so this is very easy to do. This violent narration is then followed by every Muslim who takes Islam seriously. The Muslims who don’t take Islam seriously can be seen sitting in the windows of Starbucks wearing their love wins t-shirts.

Writing historically, Islam has been advanced by the sword. Nobody oppressed Muslims, their belief system demands they oppress the world.

You’ve kindly shared how people are “invading and oppressing their lands”, firstly, my friend, no lands belong to Muslims. Muslims aren’t a race, they’re followers of a violent political ideology, so, those lands, lands which Muslims invaded and stole from the natives hundreds of years ago, they don’t belong to Islam. That’s like saying Germany “belongs” to the Nazi party or to Hitler. It does not.

You’re blaming everybody except the people who deserve blame. Don’t trust me though, read for yourself, Islamic state only last year released a statement saying “‘some might argue that your foreign policies are what drives our hatred. But this particular reason for hating you is secondary. Even if you were to stop bombing us we would continue to hate you. Our primary reason for hating you will not cease to exist until you embrace Islam.”

Just imagine having to listen to people say “Oh, it’s your own fault you’re getting attacked France, China, England, America, Canada, Egypt, Spain, Australia, Russia, Israel and the rest of the world, you’ve all offended Muslims by your foreign policy and military action and the crusades and cartoons and things I can’t remember. You were asking for it.” Civilized people can only reply “Are you serious?”

You blame all religions, I’d just like to reply religious relativism is a sham. If you want to pretend every religion is the same, that’s fine. But it’s also a one dimensional way to see the world. Islam is not Christianity, Christianity is not Hinduism, Hinduism is not Mormonism, let’s be grown-up about these things instead of defending disgusting Muslim terrorists.

Thumbs up on the reply, I appreciate it.

Perhaps you’d enjoy George Carlin’s “Religion is bulls***”, which should really be named “one man’s misconceptions of Christianity”, because despite “religion” being bull in the late George’s opinion, he only goes after the Christian faith in that video. Of course Christianity needs to be mocked and thrown under the bus, especially when Muslims are blowing people up. Right? We’ve got to explain away their acts of hatred as if it’s everybody else’s fault. I enjoyed your quote from Carlin, Joshua (it’s their profile picture), sadly he didn’t question his own bulls***, or learn to question his own hatred of Christians, that was the real stinker in the room.

Elcio Piola: dont racist..f*** u (Don’t racist. . .like a doing word? Or like “Don’t, racist.” I just don’t know any more).

abdul ghafar: Islam the truth religion..thats all (Dun dun dun!)

OSC: You mean to write “true”, sir. Muslims aren’t a race, my friend. Cliff didn’t write anything racist in the above comments. It’s true he did write that the these people were d***heads, but that crosses all people and all races. Muslims aren’t a race, they’re followers of Islam. I’m sure your opinion on the truthfulness of Islam is very reliable……Abdul (It’s like trusting Angus McCloud on the deliciousness of haggis).

God bless you and your household, pal. But many people don’t follow Islam for many good reasons, personally, I don’t want to follow Muhammad, Tyson says he did, but I’m sure he’s very untrained in Islam. I wouldn’t follow Islam because Muhammad was a man who either did or allowed his followers to. . .

Rape women.

Torture men.

Breast feed adults to stop sexual lust.

Rape children/a child.

Beat up a child.

Murder people.

Tried to commit suicide.

Thought he was demon possessed.

Went back on his oaths.

Probably was demon possessed.

Proscribed drinking camel pee.

Said if a fly falls into your food or drink, that you should dip it into the food more! Because of poison on one wing and antidote on the other.

Said Satan lives in the nose and pees in the ears.

Copied the Talmud and said Allah used these words (but it was a rabbi).

Tortured a man and then raped his wife.

Had lust for the wife of his own son.

Married the wife of his own son and caused them to divorce.

Gave “revelation” from the devil.

Supported goddess worship.

Supported idolatry by kissing stones.


Murdered his critics.

Beheaded nearly one thousand Jewish boys and men in a ditch.

Attacked people while they were “unaware and watering their camels.”

Was the victim of black magic.

Said that the devil looks like a black man.

Called Ethiopians “raisin heads” (that’s REAL racism!)

He died cursing people.

He had no peace with God.

It’s important to write and study these issues with care and consideration, so that nobody is left in the hands of a false teacher. If we lack knowledge, we can ask God for wisdom, but, if men say to us “we’ll kill you if you leave Islam!” where’s the truth? Why are Muslims so scared? Why do they kill instead of talk? The answer is obvious. They know their views are a lie. Again, bless you, from my heart bless you, I don’t curse. I wish you well. Let’s just say we shouldn’t follow false prophets, we shouldn’t follow false religions, we shouldn’t follow Islam. That’s all.

Back on the subject of boxing, I don’t think Holyfield won because (as he bragged) his God is “the only true God.” That’s not how God expects people to pick their religion. He won because he was the better fighter on the night, in fact, Holyfield earned everybody’s respect because he was and is a true champion. What the entire topic here is about is when thugs want to drive their religion into other people’s faces, “allahu akbar! allahu akbar! allahu akbar!” These people were a disgrace. If anyone cared about their religion, they’ll ask, and if they don’t ask, don’t shout it during a sports contest, don’t post “Islam the truth religion” when nobody asked, don’t blow people up, don’t rape their family, don’t cut their heads off. Is this religion, is this politics, or is it just Satanic?

vespasianlegx11: islam is a strange religion. their philosophy is to kill all non believers of the koran, islam ; etc.all they know is death and destruction, why cant they live in peace with other people, they dont want to.

OSC: I couldn’t agree more, my friend. And if anyone reading knows any “Muslims”, and they’re nice people, peace loving people, which many are, just ask them if they’re really serious about the Islamic viewpoint.

Would they rape a child? Muhammad did.

Would they murder another Muslim if he left Islam? Muhammad did (and he commanded Muslims to do likewise).

These men in over 1000 years have contributed nothing to art, literature, science, and music (they aren’t allow most music so they consider concerts a safe target for attack, no real Muslims there). And today normal folk watching a classic match between two greats of the sport have to read from people falsely equating anti-Islam to racism and defending terror. It’s a joke, vespasian. Total joke. “Muslims”, the vast majority of which don’t know jack about Islam, they should be denouncing these clowns and tearing down their mosques, make room for something more wholesome.

And that’s time! And despite many different posters coming to the defence of Islam, the great terrorist screed gets knocked out in the fifth. Oh, but every religion is to blame, that’s why liberal loons have to assault Christianity (is anybody buying this?) Now, ordinarily, people write about atheists being against Christianity, or liberals being against Christianity, “liberal loons” (I just did it myself), yet, many of these posters aren’t really wedded to their godlessness. They don’t so much love godlessness as they hate their perceived idea of God. It’s like leaving your husband not because you want to be alone, but because you just hate your husband.

However, allow me to correct myself yet again, because these people, these unbelievers who’ve made God the object of their hatred, they’re not warring against any old god, we’ve read that ^^^ insofar as they don’t attack Allah as found in Islam. They’re against Christ! So, why not call a western atheist what they are, an anti-Christ. Atheists don’t give two hoots about Allah, Thor, Zeus, Krishna, god version of the Buddha, and again they’re not wedded to their godlessness, rather, they hate Christ & Christ’s people. They hate Christianity. Let’s be honest. Perhaps brainy folk out there can imagine and show many reasons why they believe these people have so focused their attention upon Christ’s life, His people and example, attention which, if they were truly cosmopolitan sorts, would be better spent upon attacking the moral character/religion of just about anyone else, anyone either living and dead.

So, and everyone who reads me knows I’m by no stretch of the imagination an accusatory writer, let’s be honest many of my friends in atheism, you’re Antichrists. You don’t have to admit to my sophisticated and complex spiritual categories to admit to the fact, you’re not anti-Allah, you’re not protesting Poseidon, or trashing Thor, you’re just little Antichrists who protect Islam. You protect an ideology which leads to children being abused, gays being thrown off of buildings and victims of rape being stoned to death. Moreover (what you really wanna read) Islam leads to Christians being crucified. “No!” Says the Anti-Christ, “We’re not like that. I’d have a beer with Christ if he was here.” I say you’re a liar, because Christ’s already here, furthermore, He doesn’t want a beer, He’s said He wants to come into your life and dine with you (Revelation 3:20). Why stop at a drink when the King’s coming to your home for dinner? So, either open the door, or stop pretending He ain’t knocking.

As for Islam, well, Islam is like the now famous (internet famous) Uzzy Ahmed, a kind of wee speck of a thing which everyone takes notice of. Whereas there are certain people watching who can’t help but remark “Why does anybody put up with this guy?” Then we all feel a kind of shameful joy when they’re knocked out in the first. God bless everyone. 🙂


― T. C. M



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