Joining Twitter!

Ex Prime minister David Cameron famously said “Twitter is for twits”, in unrelated news, I’ve finally joined Twitter! To be fair, Cameron joined Twitter too, the twit. So, if you’re twittering and want to read a lot less from me (the character limit is insane), then add me and say hey! I’m @OSC75596559 (I know it’s long, was sure I’d get another opportunity to change it. . .don’t smirk).

twitter pic

You name the account, I’ll follow, everybody needs this message, everybody needs the kind of friendship and teaching which OSC provides. I WILL FOLLOW YOU.


Oh, Jason. . .tantra. . .what? No man I don’t have anything against yoga! It’s just. . .your pic, is that two men in the background? What? No! This isn’t me being anti-Hindu, it’s something else. I follow anybody. . .almost anybody (note to self: click to unfollow Satanist picture next door).

― T. C. M