Ismaa’eel Abu Adam (Muslim apologist?)

Ismaa’eel Abu Adam (Converted2Islam) was a Muslim apologist who spent years defending Muhammad and the Quran. A few months ago, he announced that he had left Islam. Today, he declared that he is a Christian.

As comic as Act’s video about Ismaa’eel Abu was, I found their own explanation of why they’ve left Islam far more interesting, for which I’m sharing it here. Ismaa’eel Abu (or Adam) was truly genuine in their Islam, due to which they’d always been vulnerable, vulnerable to extremists, vulnerable to objections, even vulnerable to the truths of their own heart. They weren’t hard-hearted, rather, they trusted Islam could stand up to the weight of evidence against it, and it simply couldn’t. Enjoy their story.

4 thoughts on “Ismaa’eel Abu Adam (Muslim apologist?)

    • It’s always a treat, even amazing, to listen to someone who has been so open as to change their views after deep contemplative periods of time. And there’s little doubt Abu Adam has done that, they’ve tried their hardest to not just defend beliefs, but to also find defences or reasons that satisfy, and in their case, they simply didn’t find satisfaction (despite being an Islamic apologist). Abu Adam’s big problem appears to have been Muhammad’s moral conduct, whereas in the case of other famous converts, like Nabeel Qureshi, it was how the Qur’an came down to us which disturbed him so deeply as to cause the abandonment of their childhood faith.

      Insofar as my studies were concerned, Andy, I’d first read the Qur’an with an open mind, especially so considering how wrong I’d been with regards to Christianity. My concerns weren’t to do with either Muhammad’s morality or textual preservation, as the Qur’an, being so without context, didn’t raise those objections, although they could be certainly alluded to. No, rather in my case, having already studied the historicity behind the New Testament account, I was stunned by the wildly unhistorical, Gnostic descriptions of Jesus in the Qur’an. Having already studied the Jerusalem factor, early enemy attestation, multiple attestation, just the entire gauntlet of historic criteria, the documents of the New Testament, and even secular sources, went against Qur’an claims left, right and center.

      Today, I comfort many of my Muslim friends, who when reading about magical night journeys and a newborn infant booming “Peace be upon me!” are dismayed at Islam’s anti-historical approach. To which I’d reply “Well, God can do anything. Night journeys aren’t IMPOSSIBLE. And talking babies aren’t impossible, if that’s God’s desire.” The problems I’m happy to share though, they’re real problems, not merely embarrassing.


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