Unapologetic Updates! (09/12/18)

Good evening everybody. So I’ve taken on a challenge, and I’m calling it the verse a day challenge, writing a commentary on every verse I receive automatically. Y’all know those apps which are meant to send us Bible verses everyday, they’re supposed to be encouraging, a shot in the arm with your morning cup of coffee or what have you. I said to myself I’d like to write on every verse that an app sends to me, so that’s what I’ve been doing. We’re still going through Joshua, still this is a fun addition to the entire thing. The first question I asked myself when deciding to do this was “how long until this beats me?” Well, so far it’s five days and still going strong!

I don’t know about the readers but that’s been my attitude ever since coming to Christ, that certain things are just gonna beat us, all of us. I know we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength, and I know that we’re more than conquerors, but I never thought of me being the one who’s doing the conquering, not really, I have Jesus for those days. If I win I feel as if it’s part of a team, or to use the old style words a people, a victorious nation.

I asked a fella I work with only last week, “Who’s your hero, a man you look up to?” he thought before replying “nobody really.” I told him in a coy sarcastic tone “You’re a strong man to have no heroes, eh?” Christians, at least in my opinion for what it’s worth, are more like the short fella in this comedy sketch:


Had we the inclination, we Christians could look down on all of those unbelievers, 😉 but we don’t. Christians know their place, and it‘s standing on the rock. So whatever the challenge, be it writing on the Bible or just battling a tough day raising the kids, we have a great God and an amazing family in Him. God bless everybody. And here comes the updates!




― T. C. M