Why Muslims Attack Concerts

Recently readers will notice I’ve been adding a lot on the Manchester concert attack, which is uncharacteristic considering I’ll share topics that differ from week to week (not uploading every other day). Although this week is different, and my mindset is different, as how long is it going to be until there’s yet another attempted terrorist attack somewhere in the western world? Probably not long. That’s not the same as saying there will be another attack so impactful as the Manchester one, nevertheless, it won’t be long before another Muslim attack is put into action somewhere. With that in mind, what’s going to become of the victims of the Ariana Grande terror attack, well, they’ll be old new. Gone and forgotten everybody’s going to move onto the next bloodied survivor, the next “heroic” cab driver, the next vandalized mosque (because that’s the real story, don’t ya know?), and that’s that. Even the city of Manchester found reason to celebrate given a recent cup win over Ajax the day before yesterday, and whilst the people celebrated, beers in hand, I couldn’t help but feel slightly disturbed by the good time guys and girls. I suppose a week was too long for the tragedy to remain in vogue, gotta move on sometime, right?

― T. C. M