Baptists kneel together

I was recently sent a statement by the Baptist union of Great Britain, this video message was on the death of George Floyd, and boy howdy was I ever disappointed. Name the liberal buzzword and there it was, and being shared by such a wide body of Christian believers too. Listening to this capitulation to the bullies and race rioters reminds me of Gods warning in Exodus 23, “You shall not follow a crowd to do evil.”

Black, white, crayon coloured, nobody of substances cares, and more importantly Jesus doesn’t care. So the baptists of Great Britain are together, kneeling together. How can the church resist wickedness and teach against evil when it’s following every political ploy to divide us that the loonie left invent, that’s not of God, that’s of the world. Where’s the Spirits discerning power. Still in light of the Baptist Unions utter failure to take a biblical stance on the nations racial drum beating hysteria, there are lessons to be learnt, the lesson, argue. Argue for what’s right, argue for what’s Christian, because it’s nothing like what the race rioters are peddling.