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Because navigating a blog that’s had articles posted every week for almost four years can be challenging, I’m adding an index so readers can find original content that’s being composed for the blog. Debates, rebuttal comments and internet exchanges are in red, whereas news, articles and things in-between are being left blue. For first time visitors who’ve only just found the blog thanks to a hand out you’ve gotten, or link you’ve read, I’m recommending for you the following conversations (they’re fun and informative). . .OSC’s 99 problems with pagan parallels (Round one, round two, round three). In addition to OSC’s Blue-sky thinking! The wacky world of the often illiberal left (round one!, round two, round three). And lastly, for readers who’re happier to read more of a lecture, a simple explantation of some of the arguments behind the Christian faith, then please read the poetry in motion conversation: OSC’s Poetry in motion (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4). And for even more, join me on twitter! (@OSC75596559).

OSC’s Annie’s got a gun

OSC’s Avoiding unbiblical extremes (II)

OSC’s Avoiding unbiblical extremes (I)

OSC Joining Twitter!

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OSC’s Engaging the Bible (I)

OSC’s Determined to reply

Does it end badly for baptists?

Updating OSC (2017)

OSC’s Unsophisticated atheism (with Mr. Zinnia Jones)

OSC’s Unfair Mormons (III)

OSC’s Who’s a heretic, Dr. Sproul?

OSC’s court transcripts and the Watchtower authority hoax

OSC’s Jehovah witnesses grieving The Spirit

OSC’s Run, hide and tattletell (England’s new answer to Islamic terror)

Explosion during concert in Manchester (and how the media choose to respond)

OSC’s Knowitallism and me

When it takes an Arminian to explain Calvinism

OSC’s An equal opportunity hater

Happy Easter everyone!

OSC’s Unfair Mormons (II)

OSC’s Unfair Mormons (I)

OSC’s God can’t die! (Or can He?)

OSC’s A serious love letter…seriously

OSC’s 99 problems with pagan parallels (Round Three)

OSC’s Here’s to the back of a bad president

OSC’s Atheist challenges readers to a street fight!

OSC’s 99 problems with pagan parallels (Round Two)

OSC’s Very Merry Christmas!

OSC’s 99 problems with pagan parallels (Round one)

OSC’s Our every heart

OSC’s The West Wing’s worst side

OSC’s The unbearable smugness of Trump

Does God Exist? William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens (introduction and opening speeches)

OSC’s Song of songs in Islam

The Islam debate: Josh McDowell vs. Ahmed Deedat (Rebuttals and closing statements)

OSC’s Sister Nadia explains it all

OSC’s Come and enter her thoughts (Round II)

OSC’s Definition by interrogateum!

OSC’s Come and enter her thoughts (Round I)

OSC’s Still Done with Reason! (OSC Vs. Jim, Jem and Kevin).

OSC’s What’s in a name?

OSC’s Breakfast with The Buddha (Final Round)

OSC’s Breakfast With The Buddha III

OSC’s Poetry in motion! IV

OSC’s Finger on the Pulse

OSC’s Done with Reason

OSC’s Breakfast with the Buddha! (II)

OSC’s Breakfast with the Buddha! (I)

OSC’s Blue-sky thinking! The wacky world of the often illiberal left (III)

OSC’s Poetry in motion! (III)

OSC’s Blue-sky thinking! The wacky world of the often illiberal left (round two!)

OSC’s Blue-sky thinking! The wacky world of the often illiberal left (round one!)

OSC’s ALLALLT: How I defeated you so super soundly!

OSC’s Poetry in motion (part 2)

OSC’s Poetry in motion (part 1)

OSC’s Review of I Sold my Soul on Ebay (Publisher’s notes and Foreword by Rob Bell)

OSC’s The eleven rules of the earth

OSC’s Atheists in denial

OSC’s Paris attacked: hundreds injured and over 150 murdered

OSC’s Why pick one God over another?

OSC’s Apollonius debunked

News and views Sun. 18 Oct: Muslim rage against the prophets continues

News and views Tuesday 13th of October 2015: Triple-header!

News and views Wednesday, 7th of October 2015: ISIS sliced off 12-year-old Syrian boy’s fingertips in front of his father and other Christians in failed bid to convert them to Islam

News and views Monday, 5th of October 2015: Islamic State destroys ancient Palmyra arch

OSC’s Praise to the what?!

OSC’s The Cube and the clash

OSC’s Why religion no longer “causes all the wars”

OSC’s The curious case of Morton Smith

In the aftermath of 7/7

Our abortion issue

Goldilocks and the she bears!

Bruce Jenner and getting real about who we are

Dismantling the Zeitgeist

14 reasons to rethink evolution

Why is Easter such a big deal?

Would an all-loving God send people who worshipped different gods to hell?

Dialogue IX: Islam exposed

Dialogue VIII: Tit for tat reasoning, mocking faiths and figurative swords Vs. literal swords!

Q&A And A 3: Did Muhammad plagiarize The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard?

Muhammad’s prayer to the Lord?

Dialogue VII: Terrorism, free speech, vampire Christians and South Park impugned!

The New Testament versus Shakespeare

Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Contra Gentiles: Concerning Islam

News and views Monday 15th of December 2014: Abbott Urges ‘Business As Usual’ For Citizens

Dialogue VI: Two questions to debunk freewill?

News and views Saturday 22nd of November: Being gay? It’s grrrreat!

Dialogue V: Insults, greatest victims of Islam and who’s defending the indefensible

Dialogue IV: Abrogation in the Qur’an, Mother Teresa, complete Muslims and who’s obeying their Scripture!

Dialogue III: Sexism in Genesis and logical minds!

News and views Wednesday 15th of October 2014: Lebanese Bishop accuses Europe of ignoring Christian persecution.

News and views Tuesday 14th of October 2014: The covered-girl look is great, say two Upper West Side artists who think NYC women should give the hijab a try.

News and views Monday 13th of October 2014: Parents of American ISIS hostage attend Islamic prayer service after begging militants to release their son.

News and views Sunday 12th of October 2014: Buying into terror.

News and views Saturday, 11th of October 2014: Convicted terrorist wins new round in human rights battle.

Dialogue II: Christians and leaving the gay issue alone

Dialogue I: Matthew 10, violence in Islam and who’s doing the work of the spirit

Betrayal of trust

Q&A&A 2: Do the denizens of Hell worship you, O Allah?!

Matthew X:XXXIV commentary and explanation

Q&A&A 1: Does Surah 9:29 promote violence?

Why can’t we be friends?

OSC’s Because he’s worth it!