Thou shalt Hate

Happy throw down Thursday all! It was just brought to my attention that I’ve never written a post on COVID19, which seems odd considering how big an inconvenience it’s been on all of our lives. Then again, isn’t it nice to sometimes visit places or write to people who couldn’t care less about the whole mess, lest we all get corona fever. Writing technically I’m in a risk category for the illness, but it’s never weighed heavily on my mind, maybe because I’ve been on a health kick for about 8 months now (so I’m feeling the furthest thing from poorly.)

This week has been an interesting one, my pastor broke a leg (literally,) a break in two separate places of the tibia bone. It sounds terribly painful and God willing he’s getting the best medical treatment available. After an entire week on his back he’s finally allowed to sit up and is back in the habit of text messaging and updating the church on his health.

On top of that old friends have reconnected, which is always strange, since I tend to get over people fairly quickly. You know when somebody leaves your workplace, and you can tell they’re hoping everyone makes it into a big deal, that’s the vibe I get with reconnecting. It’s something I’ve never really understood. Maybe it’s a God thing, because since coming to faith I’m never really lonely or in need to reconnecting (not that it’s a bad thing, it’s an opportunity to encourage others) and I’m sure many Christians who deal with loneliness on the regular wouldn’t much care for that nugget of insight. Still, that’s why Gods provided us with a people, to encourage and to protect each other.

Anyway, I’d love to be uploading a long conversation on the Bible and Jesus’ teaching on honouring our mother and father today, sadly my most recent video debate weighed in at a stonking 1.4 gig of data (which is apparently too much for my host website to handle!) Still, saving that for another day, here’s my exchange with internet atheist Inky Fingers, an unbelieving atheist who spends a great deal of time on a purely Christian forum, yep, he’s that kinds guy.

Does Jesus want us to hate our parents, “a new commandment I give unto you, that you should hate others as I’ve hated you”??? is the Christian faith anti material, and if not, could you defend the why not, read on to find out.

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