M&M (the complete conversation)


It’s Thursday! So This morning, a rainy, grey weekday here in the UK, I’m uploading my entire debate with bdrex, a fella who got in touch with me via the comments and exchanged for about a week over Gnostic theology and the existence of Jesus. It’s a massive conversation rife with equivocation and sneaky private interpretations, really something to read along with and see where it’s going. I wonder how the readers would have coped with him. Ordinarily I do a little commentary on the blog to accompany the website debate, but this time around the sites version beats what I’m doing here by a million miles, so strap yourself in and enjoy. Madblog also contributes a lot to the debate, God love her.

Read the full convo here: https://www.unapologetic.co.uk/m-and-m

― T C M

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