Only two things scare me…

The last of us two has been released, and boy is it gay. It’s interesting, after having gone deep into Christian literature and ministry stuff, other communities seem so, silly. It’s not that they’re not allowed to have fun with it or that they shouldn’t be dedicated fans, rather it’s that their fandom seems silly, it seems wildly out of proportion, hyper hysteria, and ordinarily I love a good hysteria.

For those of you who are unaware, the last of us is a video game series, one that’s causing a bit of a stir. The creators of the last of us are in hot water for the direction they’re taking the story, the characters they’re retiring and other issues, and amidst all of this there are three notable camps, the fans, the cheerleaders and the critics. I love the fans, hysterical as they are. The cheerleaders are yes men and the critics are just salesmen, there’s nothing critical about them at this point. The conflict (however wacky and uninteresting it may seem to my Christian readers) is something they should take notice of, largely because the way critics and cheerleaders are engaging with fan tells us something about our own Christian story.

Fans of the series are feeling betrayed and misled because their favourite characters and intellectual property are being changed, changed unrecognisably so, and on account of that they’re tanking the game through negative reviews, comments and just general toxicity. It’s their game, their love affair, and in their eyes if anybody has a right to torpedo that game, it’s them. Again if this were a Christian story, the believers aren’t cheerleaders or critics, they’re definitely “the fans.” Facing a scorched earth policy by fans of the original game, how do you think cheerleaders and critics for the new last of us have replied.

They’ve replied by politics and strawmanning, because remember, the new last of us is now very very very gay. Fans of the original not liking the games new direction are being recast by leftist cheerleaders as either homophobic or transphobic, a trusty silencing tactics that’s worked on the lukewarm for decades. The amount of times I’ve had to read some poor bedevilled gamer have to clarify himself, writing “I don’t care about people being gay…” was saddening. These people are gamers, they’re movie goers and anime junkies, people who play tabletop games and collected Pokemon cards, and here they are having the bulldozer weight of the entire global leftist Illuminati flood their favourite pastime…

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