Icons of atheism (reach for the sky….los)

Yes, mammy, I am alive, I’ve been working! It’s my job….yes I still do my stupid blog. And for anyone who wasn’t aware, I still debate atheism, been doing so on and off for more than 8 years now. So, for everyone bored and locked away in their homes during this virus crisis, hopefully you’ll enjoy a debate on morality and God. Personally being locked away is a piece of cake for me, I’m a fella and I think we naturally have an easier time with chilling at home, repetition, all the pitfalls that come with self isolation. While I was away I really got into jogging and weights (so interesting I know :P) but even with the running side being lessened by lock down I think I’ve kept up my routine very well.

For people in doors exercise and blogging probably help a great deal, try joining a Christian forum and encouraging people today if you have the time. I notice a great deal of mental health issues on Christian forums, don’t get me wrong, by “mental health” I mean things that are a sight more normal than we ever want to admit. For example, I don’t think “anxiety” is a mental condition, it’s just a person having a bit of a rough time with it. Christians are going through that and could probably use your kindness.

For another example of all too common problems on social media, having issues with body image isn’t a mental medical condition, in point of fact, I don’t know any young girl who isn’t slightly annoyed with some aspect of her own body. It’s normal. The abnormal thing may be the intensity of those feelings or the compulsive way they are presenting themselves to the girl’s mind. That very well might be an honest to goodness mental health problem, and something that requires professional treatment. They could use your sound advice or encouragement today, God knows I’ve been reading some very unsound advice from people on those forums.

There are lots of amazing ways to spend your time, and I’ve read so many interesting things since I’ve been away shilling for my career. Birds of prey came out….the fabulous contrabulous manipulation of Harley…something or other! The royal wedding, astronomers released the first image of a black hole, which they said looked like the gates of hell (I told people Event Horizon was scientifically accurate!) And nowadays Leighton Flowers is getting into it with James White on a weekly basis (and winning?!), I learned who the quartering was, I had to sit through like 40 of his ads to do it, but I did it. Just so many cool things happened.


Where we are going, you won’t need eyes….Guardian media headquarters in London!!!

There are lots of exciting and useful ways to spend your time in lock away from the dreaded Corona virus, I’m sure lots of bloggers are returning to their old hobby because of the virus too. Not me though, the virus don’t control my doings, unemployment does. I started moving jobs just before the virus economy sky rocketed, and now I’m happy to wait out the entire thing. So, like a virus, I have returned. 😛 Honest and truly I hope the few people who visited regularly are healthy and happy, same goes for all of the oddballs who wrote to debate me over the years. God bless and I’ll be back online soon. I’ve done some great remodelling of the blogs companion website, enjoy it, enjoy the debate, it’s a goodie.



― T. C. M

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