Steve Gregg destroys the irrational response squid

For people who’ve had their faith for a long time they’ll remember the rational response squad, they’re known for three on one “debates” in which they waffle and talk over people until they feel content in their atheism. I for one didn’t hear about these people or see their online material until way after coming to my Christian faith in my twenties, but looking back at what they’ve done I don’t feel I missed out on anything special.

Who is special is my new favourite Bible commentator Steve Gregg! It’s a bit of a time sink and the first five minutes or so is just the RRS being childish and silly together, but afterwards we get into some serious conversation and it’s just fantastic to listen to these young men front as intellectuals while they distract Steve (as the other guy goggles away for an answer furiously). For readers of Unapologetic I added a debate and an old article about proof texts in defence of Calvinism, which I imagine I’ll revamp later on for the sake of readability. Calvinism in translation is another great conversation and given time I’ll write a word or two on that. They’re helpful additions for Christians struggling with where they land on that topic. Until next time enjoy this debate.

― Ty Cormack

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