Tent makers and Tabernacle breakers

Good morning everyone, and happy 2019 to you! I’ve had a jam packed week and been having some very productive exchanges with my Muslim friends on the history of Islam and how it came about. On my Bible studies I’ve been getting into 1 Kings and what it meant for Adonijah to grab hold upon the horns of the alter, the significance in that material, in addition to being asked to do a lecture on evangelism for the church, which might not be taking place now but the study of the thing was fantastic. My choice of study centred around the great commission, its extend and does it apply to every Christian without exception, moving on into Christian vocations and how we come to them together. If my Christian brothers and sisters have any input on that that would be awesome. Can hear the church bells ringing as I write so it’s time to get going. Today I’m sharing one of the old conversations I had with a very smart, patient Christian girl named Nicole. This talk was about universalism, which I’d love to be true before anything else, but it’s not something I’m convinced of just from my reading of scripture. Enjoy everyone.

― Ty Cormack

Tent makers and Tabernacle breakers

Nicole: To me the solution is: God desires all to be saved. God’s purposes will be accomplished. God allows us to disobey out of his mercy so that he can have mercy on all of us and we will all know he is God. I believe God will one day accomplish his mission, even with allowing for our choices, such that all people will be saved. I have a tattoo on my arm from 1 Timothy 4:10 that says that God “is the savior of all people, especially those who believe.” I feel Calvinists and Arminians need to get together to understand the big picture. God’s judgements are severe at times, but even those are acts of his mercy.

Read my reply: https://www.unapologetic.co.uk/tent-breakers

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