Unapologetic Updates! (23/12/18)

Afternoon everyone! After two weeks away busting myself up I’m back. No more long hours, no more lifting, carrying and all of the other grunt work I do to keep a roof over my head (well none for Christmas week anyway). I’m still writing commentaries, which I hope to upload very soon, and mercifully the app doesn’t seem to add a verse every single day, so on random days I’m given a little break, maybe just so I read the Bible for pleasure instead.

I plan on adding this article on pop culture beliefs onto Unapologetic soon, but for fans of the blog I wanted to share it here first. Thanks for staying tuned and God willing I’ll be back to say hey on Christmas day! Enjoy.

Popular culture. . . .

On abortion (1): “It’s the woman’s right to choose.”

On religion (2): “Religions all teach basically the same thing.”

On science (3): “Science is atheistic.”

On Islam (4): “Islam means peace.”

On war (5): “Religion causes wars.”
1. Accepting belief #1 results in the death of a little person. I accepted things that resulted in such a terrible outcome, so I tend to think I was very gullible, the exact opposite of sceptical.

^^^^ I did buy into the whole “abortion is okay in the case of rape” argument, not considering the life of the child because I was so dazzled by the ugliness of sexual assault.

Although nowadays I rhetorically tell my Sunday school class “the baby isn’t a rapist. Why are we punishing an unborn child because they’ve got a bad dad?” My dad wasn’t an Ideal father figure, still I’m happy nobody decided they could punish him by killing me.

In the same way a woman wanting to erase mental and physical pregnancy pain by going after her own children (regardless of how they were conceived) seems selfish in the extreme. Just imagine the mother of a two year old smothering her child because she didn’t like the circumstances around her daughter’s conception, there’s no enduring difference between this and an abortion.

2. Accepting belief number two means dismissing people who value the uniqueness of these different belief systems. Lumping all religions in together isn’t the idea of a person who values different religions, it comes from people who dismiss religion altogether.

People who dismiss religion altogether are themselves illiterate on the subject, they don’t see faith perspectives as valuable so naturally they won’t learn about them. But if they haven’t learnt about these diverse religions, how are they qualified to say all religions teach the same thing?

People who don’t think religion is worth learning about are the absolute worst source of information on world religions.

3. Accepting belief number three cuts deeply religious people off from the sciences.

Guess how many atheists were part of the scientific revolution…. Zero. It was believers who built the sciences. Accepting 3 is a bit like saying believers are thick. A bit stupid really. Believers began the sciences, believers in God make up over 60% of all Nobel prize winners today.

4. Accepting belief 4 simply means we don’t know much about Islam. Islam means submission, not peace. If I forced someone to submit that would result in peace, but it’s a kind of peace we get only because I’m standing on their neck.

So when people think submit means peace they’d only see peace as being dominated by the. . .ah. . . religion of peace.

I once met two believers, a Christian and Muslim both at their folding tables handing out literature, the Christian man looked over before remarking loudly “The religion of peace! A piece of the arm, a piece of the leg, any piece you want they’re gotta get it.”

Although everyone can play word games or equivocate, piece is not peace, and submission to Islam certainly isn’t peace (it’s more like restless tyranny reining over us all).

5. Encyclopedia of war says …..around 6% of all wars were religious in origin, with about 5% of those being Islam. I don’t believe these stats take into account things like terrorist attacks, which are seen as acts of war to many Muslim, but not to the world at large. The remaining 94% of wars recorded were secular. This is a popular number to throw around and I take it on authority that it’s accurate. An overview of atheistic communism and it’s death toll confirms a lot of what we suspected to be true: when you see people as nothing but atoms what’s the problem with rearranging some of them?

I like the tone of this one ^^^ because it was inspired by a friend I’m exchanging with right now, an unbelieving friend. I feel it has that gentle tone and good nature that the Lord is working up in me. Thanks again and God bless everybody (and here comes the updates!!)




https://www.unapologetic.co.uk/muscles-mayhem-2 (a big fave of mine).

― T. C. M

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