Unapologetic Updates! (20/11/18)

Hey everybody. Hope your week is going well so far. If you’ve been keeping up with Unapologetic you’ll have seen the tweaks and blips as I update, be that on your mobile or PC. So here’s a list of some of the changes and links so you can follow through.

A rundown of the new content looks like this, I’ve added my first portion of commentary on Joshua! That’s going to continue being updated as I find time to upload and write, so stay tuned for more of that. I added that sometime last week so refreshers and regular visitors will have clocked it already. The cordial atheist quiz was readded, that’s good fun if epistemology is your thing. I divided my top ten questions and comments from Muslims into two parts, since having the entire thing combined felt a bit too long. And lastly for the sake of having a second debate up there I added 99 problems with pagan parallels. The blogs got two new posts, one which is really from Acts17 apologetics and is a great plain talk explanations of the gospel. After that I added an article I wrote well over four years ago titled “why can’t we be friends.” So enjoy everybody, again God bless you. Oh yeah, also the phone version has been whipped into shape a little bit more.

― T. C. M







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