Shock and awe (when Calvinists lose debates AGAIN!)

“You’re listening to the Bible thumping wing nut show, the show that’s safe for the whole family.” Or is it? Or does it? Or are you? Sorry, I’m doing that to people in real life thanks to Sye. Are you really here, drinking that coffee, how do you know that? Anyway, the BTWN show is not so safe if you’re working on your manners, not when Arthur is guest starring alongside Matt Slick, a situation which I originally thought might cause the universe to explode (having this much angst in one chat was always going to tend towards an unchristian contempt of people). Today’s another shock and awe posting, and once again it’s everybody’s fave Matt “he’s not THAT bad” Slick….and really, he’s not that bad! This time Matt is taking on an unhappy camper named Arthur, who from listening to has some really impressive rebuttals to common Calvinist proof texts. So if you’re into debates which are scripture heavy, this is an awesome one. So let’s get our Bibles out and see where the debates takes us.

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