Am I better than Dr. James White & Jeff Durbin???

Kwaku beats James White & Jeff Durbin, I beat Kwaku, therefore I can out debate both Jeff Durbin and James White!!! *hands waving* The conversation is closed, no further discussion! Really interesting video coming up here, and I’m sure James does far better in the over two hour long conversation they’ve had and posted online. Definitely gonna give that giant video a watch tonight, still here’s a foretaste of that. For anyone who’s looking for more reading material I’ve been editing Unapologetic like crazy over the last week or two so jump over there for a new article and a republishing of “Because he’s worth it!” (my first online article ever). I should write something on the story behind the photo I added too, that really impacting vandalism of the cross of Christ image (it was impacting on me anyway), but that’s gonna have to wait sadly. God bless all, enjoy the video.

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