How To Answer The Fool!

Afternoon all! I’m not one for presuppositional apologetics, although I enjoyed this film. Sharing it with y’all today. Maybe you’ve heard the name Sye Ten Bruggencate before, I have, although this is my first point of contact with anything he’s done. Not so much in agreement with his style, still it’s an entertaining watch for sure. God bless everyone, I would’ve been posting more but the Sunday school has been draining my time like crazy these days. Hoping to get some of that online and share it with you too, getting mics and equipment ready and such, although each week there’s like a new bug to work out, get everything running like clockwork. Today we did our first class on basic Christian beliefs, which I titled Christian Credentials. Lots of fun, lots of learning going on, it was awesome and the young people did great. Anyway, see you next time and enjoy Sye doing the things that he does.

Question of the day (mostly for people who came to faith later in life): Would hearing presuppositional apologetics have swayed you in favour of a Christian worldview?

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