Shock and awe (when Calvinists lose debates)

Afternoon everyone. Looking forward to getting deeper into my conversation with rex, in addition to finishing off the Determined to reply debate (remember bob polo?) So in setting that up, I wanted to share what I consider to be a rare sort of video debate, one where the Calvinist loses. Why is it that Calvinists so often appear to do better in these conversations, I’m not so sure, maybe because the common rhetoric is so appealing to many believers (e.g. you’re man-centred, who are you O man to question God). It sucks people right in. Whatever the reason, this is my first bit of contact with Steve Gregg, who in this debate with Matt Slick really owns the dialogue. Maybe my more deterministic friends will disagree, but when a debater is often saying “I agree with #insert opponent here#” they’re no longer debating but being led. In my opinion Matt is no pushover either, so good on Gregg for taking this on and defending God’s word so well. Really impressed by it. The replies at the bottom say it all, there’s a lot of mocking Gregg for his divorce or something to do with the state of his new marriage (which I’m not curious to dig into because it’s a total red herring from Slick’s base). Anyways, if you’re interested this debate comes highly recommended.

3 thoughts on “Shock and awe (when Calvinists lose debates)

  1. Never really been a fan of Matt Slick. I have watched a number of his debates where he is very condescending and doesn’t handle the scriptures well. And while I do think that Calvinists have some strong supports/scripture to validate their beliefs, they tend to be very callous and often come across as being rude.

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    • I’ve heard that a lot too, you’re not wrong (about Matt being condescending I mean). He does himself no favours. I try and use two questions to judge how deep into Calvinism somebody is, firstly I’d ask if they believe that Jesus died for everyone, both the elect and the non elect, if that isn’t helpful in teasing their views out, I find it’s helpful to ask if regeneration proceeds faiths. I know that’s a bit more technical, but it does help and my real life friends who are Calvinists lose out in trying to defend those views on the basis of scripture.

      Those topics are a great help in judging how a Calvinist responds to a lot of God’s word which says they’re on the wrong track.


    • Just a brief clarifier, 🙂 that point about questions to ask is more about Calvinists being callous, hard-hearted. I think we see a lot of who someone is when their back’s against the world, this includes in quarrels, who’s wrong, who’s right, yada yada. In the past when I’ve pressed my Calvinist friends on points of scripture where their views clearly don’t apply, I take heart when the guy just goes “hmm” and looks puzzled, thinking on it, this is in comparison to the other kind of Calvinists who’s so deep into that stuff that he’s already recycling the big book of Calvinist comebacks (e.g. who are you oh man, non reformed people say that, God can do what he wants, freewill), there’s so many it’s a bit sad.

      I kinda wanted to post an article simply asking “Calvinists, do you feel uneasy that you have more arguments against Christians than anyone else?” 😛


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