OSC’s Is this Israel?

The Eurovision song contest is gay, and I’m not meaning that to be inflammatory, it’s unashamedly gay. It’s theatrical, campy and kinda tacky, do theatrics equal gayness? Not really, although that’s something which the same sex attracted and their media mouthpieces have picked up on and used as a kind of marketing tactic. So if you don’t like the insidious secret gay men in your midst, you can have your pick of any number of flaming homos who burst and blast their queer colours, their freak flag flying high. Still, that’s not my interest today, rather, keeping the posting topical, I’m interested in the fact that Israel won with a particularly gay song. Not gay gay, more like gay bad (but gay gay is also bad). For anyone who’s heard the song I ask you, is this Israel? Is this the nation that won it’s freedom from wave after wave of Muslim monsters warring against her? Is this the same nation that when faced with the choice of being driven into the sea or defending their homeland decided on fight and not flight? Admittedly I was pleased upon hearing the news that Israel won, good for them I said to myself. I wasn’t gushing tears of joy, but thought that’s a pleasant surprise, and then I heard how they won (skip to about the 10 minute mark, it’s super boring until then).

“Thank you for supporting diversity, I can’t dance on stage but you better believe I can trash men and flirt with profanities.” <<< That quote may not be accurate. . . These quotes are however. . .

“Wonder Woman don’t you ever forget, you’re divine and he’s about to regret.”

“Look at me, I’m a beautiful creature, I don’t care about your modern time preachers.”

“I’ll t-t-t-take you now.”

“Bucka-mhm-buckbuckbuck.” & “I’m not your bucka-mhm-buck-mhm-buck-mhm.”

Again, is this Israel? Beautiful history, incredible nation, God given blessings, and here’s the kind of image they cultivate. Eurovision sadly enough doesn’t have the vision to see the consequences of this terrible kind of programming, because when you show material like this, just as in the case of their bearded woman-man fiasco, they hurt weak, impressionable people. Their views are toxic and spread into the lives of others, ask anybody involved in the hard sciences about the joys of obesity, baby babble and to culturally misidentify. Bopping around in a kimono to cheap cat toys you find in Chinatown is all well and good until people realize that that’s an inheritance not only belonging to other people, but also it comes at the cost of marginalising and trading in your own history.

Can you still dress up as a native American for Halloween? Sure, do as you please, many people disagree with doing the dress up thing and others disagree with doing the Halloween thing (some disagree with both), rather my point is that this kind of silliness can either be done as silliness (what it is), or it can be taken more seriously, which is toxic. Social justice, #MeToo, being a leftist, these are all silly hobbies that should be treated as silly hobbies, and if that’s surprising to people who’ve made these toxic views into their entire world, well, my sympathies. Is this Israel? No, no this isn’t Israel, it’s just poisonous politics pretending to be entertainment. Adding it to the trash bag where it belongs. Blessings to you. 🙂

― T. C. M

4 thoughts on “OSC’s Is this Israel?

  1. My head must be REALLY in the sand here, because I had and still sort of a have NO clue what Eurovision is? I don’t have tv channels and only heard the term on Twitter. What was it really? It sounds like the antithesis of something I would enjoy. Yikes.

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