Billy Graham’s Who is Jesus?

This week seen the passing of one of the most far-reaching voices for the Christian faith in the last 100 years, Billy Graham. I’m not writing about the ins and outs of his scholarship or deeper personal life, I can’t insist to knowing much of either, although he was obviously a great speaker, one who shared a captivating message to hundreds of thousands of people (millions even). I remember one commenter writing to me ages ago, they pointed out how they’d gone to a Billy Graham rally, they shared how big an impression it made upon him and his already believing family. He called it spectacular, and I’m not going to doubt that for a minute with the hordes of people that Graham attracted to hear him teach.

He was “America’s Pastor”, according to the Bush family, and is credited with having prayed with every president since Eisenhower. So in the same way that a member of my church marked the passing of R. C. Sproul, which ought to be marked for the good they’ve done, I’m sharing a little something on the landmark preacher Graham. What do my older brothers and sisters in Christ think of him? This video was titled “Who is Jesus”, and was spoken way back in Chicago during the early 1970’s.

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