The Tyranny of Heaven (pt 2)

Another video on the subject of Christian morality and supposed answers in atheism today. This one’s a long video, almost half an hour’s worth of content, and because my conversation partner didn’t have a particularly strong reply my portion of the debate runs for like 20 minutes of the entire thing (so the Christian is just running away with the conversation at this point). Really informative exchange anyway, and because I’m big into studying Buddhism right now, I did take some time to flex some new learning I’ve come upon recently, it’s relevant to the conversation, although I’m wanting to share why it seems to be so prevalent in the video. Sharing on Buddhism actually ran so long that I said to myself I should make an introduction video to the Buddhist faith instead (rather than take up this already rewarding conversation with loads on comparative religion).

So enjoy everyone, God bless.

― T. C. M

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