OSC’s The Tyranny of Heaven (pt 1)

Today’s upload is my very first video! So, hopefully everybody will enjoy that. This video is an audio version of a conversation between myself and the atheist Allallt. There’s some edits for the sake of the synthesized voice over ladies (they don’t seem able to do decent male voices online), although they don’t do any damage to the points made. I’ll be sure to add these changes later on in the comments. Enjoy everyone, and I am off into central London for my birthday.

4 thoughts on “OSC’s The Tyranny of Heaven (pt 1)

    • If I wanted to see atheists argue for how special Muhammad is and how distinct beliefs are all equally evidenced I’d just pop on BBC fake news. 😉 Although it is nice to see you’re still writing! I missed the weekly posting (sincerely). God bless and keep well as you go.


      • I will get back on it, I’m sure. I’ve been listening to LBC, and you’d think I’d have lots to talk about — but it seems to just be semi-informed angry people yelling.


      • Well if LBC is properly London centric (I haven’t listened) I’m not particular surprised. It’s not a happy city, a big part of that is related to its godlessness (drunk men are happier than sober ones etc etc whatever). Although if they’re just right-wingers don’t atheists and the like only watch those people because they’re angry and misinformed people. Not many want to listen to the very best expression of an opposing view, that’s very difficult and strips away the listener’s feeling of superiority (in general I mean).


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