Last year I began working on a website, somewhere to send people who I met on the streets while out preaching Christ. I do appreciate how there’re great Christian resources just the click of a keyboard away, still when I’ve befriended someone, it’s sometimes a step backwards to send this person off to coldcasechristianity, or a crossexamined with Frank Turek. People out in the public space should be befriending you, they should be drawn into Christian living for having had a conversation with you (not for the people & websites we’re hoping they’ll visit later in the day).

So I’m launching www.unapologetic.co.uk for readers and the people I’m gonna be running into in 2018 (the main page takes a few seconds to load in my experience).


Unapologetic links to everything original on oldschoolcontemporary, so there’s still lots to see here just in terms of my random Wednesday uploads, still, special new content composed by me for readers is going to be found on Unapologetic. Many thanks to the people who’ve been credited with some of the artwork of the site: Steve Gamba, Yongsung Kim Spencer Williams for their “Back of Christ” painting, Sue Halstenberg, Sana Nasir, Lila Shravani. The site’s totally non-profit and for educating my friends inside and outside of the faith. If I haven’t thanked anybody it’s not for lack of wanting to, it’s just because I got halfway through constructing the site before realizing people get cheesed off over things like that! I wouldn’t want to write an Oscar speech, still, I am grateful for all of the awesome people who’ve helped in forming the site (be that stylistically or the scholarly context that has informed me over the years).


Let’s go through a little of the material you’ll find for visiting the website. Twitter firstly, obviously you can join me on Twitter from the blog too, still, it’s worth noting.


From the site you’re going to find a pretty neat route to my YouTube account, it’s brand new and contains loads of different playlists based upon world religions. So if you’re interested in delving deep into the maze of world faiths that’s definitely for you. Those playlists are only going to get bigger too, so enjoy that.


Returning again to the website, you’re going to notice below there’s a section dedicated to each faith individually. Most sections have anywhere between four and six articles relating to the faith they’re classed in, so for sorting by faith you’re going to be reading loads of the best from the blog. In addition to these links, there’s also going to be PDF uploads (read on for more of that).


Because clicking every section to see if I’ve added something relevant to the topic felt a bit unfair on y’all, I’ve added the “Unalphabetised index.” So, if you’re into any topic with a passion, check out their individual sections (^^^ like in the pic above). Otherwise the picture below shows you a warehouse of material on everything you can imagine. The index also links to articles not being shared on the main pages.


The mobile phone version differs significantly from the website, so if you’re mostly on your home computer, don’t forget to give the phone version some attention (it’s shown below and is the first image!) Clicking on the Unapologetic banner helps navigate the mobile site.


With the above in mind (the point to do with being non-profit), how do I justify expenditure on the site? This will cost me money after all! For an example of unjustified spending, there’s no point in signing off on a website for videos, because a YouTube playlist does the job fine and dandy, likewise for writing, the blog covers almost anything I could think up. There’s got to be something more planned for the site if I’m going to keep it healthy, fruitful and populated (kinda like a little planet). So, here’s a few of the plus sides to moving forward with the site (they’re also things to look forward to in the future):

The Forum (still being constructed)

^^^ That’s gonna be membership only, so whereas the blog and Twitter are always going to be places where you get the odd time waster/troll/riff-raff, having a forum can house loads of constructive conversation (I’m thinking Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”) It’s got a few interesting sections about finding a church near you, in addition to loads of cools things like FAQs for the other Christians.

PDF articles (no need to read the pic at any length)


The PDFs are website only, so they’re gonna go above and beyond in terms of length, reference quality and depth. The first of many is called “Cordial Christianity Quiz”, and it’s on the Christianity section (the section titled Christ as King). If you’ve got awhile take the challenge today (https://www.unapologetic.co.uk/christ-as-king)! Uploading PDF essays and articles is a serious step up in quality from the previous things I’ve shared, so there’s an obvious advantage to having somewhere to host things like that. You can expect lots more of this kind of upload.

Evangelising Videos/Audio

I can’t imagine anything more exciting for readers than to have some content from the mission field uploaded on a weekly basis (how awesome would that be?) Anyway, I’ve been sharing Christ publicly for awhile now, and being able to bring that to you guys & girls would be a blessing to me. This kind of thing really isn’t dictated by people visiting, it’s to do with me being fruitful in season, out of season. Let’s hope circumstances permit moving forward with the idea.

And that’s a walk-through of the website, give it a look, if you enjoy the blog you’ll be going there much more in the future. I chose the name due to the modern misuse of apologetics, because that kind of good discipline, at least in the hands of most Christians, is turned into short, childish polemics. I’d like to believe there’s a better way of reaching people. Of course there’s also the aspect of being ashamedly Christian, which all of us are called to be. The name of the site wasn’t chosen how a friend of mine thought in the early days (conversation below):

“So yeah, I’m designing a website. Nothing fancy, I’ll call it Unapologetic!”

“Unapologetic? Just like the Rihanna album.”

“. . . . .nobody understands me! >:0”

― T. C. M

9 thoughts on “OSC’s UNAPOLOGETIC

    • Everybody’s a critic. (=________=)

      I’ll write over here for sure. 🙂 Besides if I added something there I’d most likely link it here with some words of introduction to boot. I mostly want those links to help with people coming fresh to the faith, real life people I meet. Over here is nice, but disorganized. I’m not sure most Christians realize how fruitful the follow up to those in person conversations can be, if they have the in person talks at all (here in the UK we’re very good at not having those talks).

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ha. Sorry. I was just surprised when I jumped over there. For what it’s worth, I enjoy color more than super stark. 😉 Yeah, that’s a good idea, and we have that problem here, too, everyone tiptoes around everyone. 😦 I’m preaching to myself now too. 😦

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      • I’d imagine everyone knows how badly the situation’s been in the UK. There’s a distinct lack of identity in the nation, lots of self-loathing. What’s more we’re apparently raising some of the least happy children in the world. Nobody connects this seeming wave of unhappiness to our police state or lack of God of course.

        If you’re writing from the States I can’t imagine it’s as tough….although that would depend upon what state. They’re all a bit like their own little nation to us Brits. 🙂

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      • I did not know that, or understand that about the UK. Thanks for the perspective. There’s a huge insurgence of other countries now sending Christian missionaries to the States. I knew it was happening, but now apparently it’s wide spread now. That was sobering to me. Is that happening in the UK?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Not at all. Right now the UK is dealing with the “Brexit” crisis (Britain’s supposed exit from the European Union). This involves a lot of clear consequences and terms which we all knew before the vote being redefined by the political parties who’re unhappy with how the vote turned out. For example, certain threats were made in order to stop people from voting leave (every major party at their leadership wanted us to remain), we then voted leave, at which point, the people in charge who never wanted the kinds of consequences they warned against, had to pretend we didn’t know what the consequences were.

        Actually, they want to argue that nobody knows what the consequences are! What do these words mean? How do we define the word “is”?

        It’s all a bit mad, the people in power have gone through something they never wanted, and now we all have to suffer with their public melodrama and term switching. We also air a lot about Trump here in the UK, all negative of course.

        In terms of faith, the nation’s fairly atheistic in outlook. We have no missionary endeavours or grand plans over here, not in terms of grass roots or from outsiders nations. We’re at a point where the kind of cardinal sin is to “interfere” in the life of another person by sharing your convictions. You can’t do that in the UK without becoming a kind of social leper, not unless you’re an exceptionally skilled communicator (even a kind of social manipulator lest you break the unwritten rules).

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  1. Very interesting to hear what’s going on with Brexit. I’m fairly ignorant about it, but interested. I was actually in London during the vote! My sister, mother, and I were so shocked how civil everyone seemed on the outside. In America, people would have been violent and protesting, most likely. 😦 Oh, we have that “cardinal sin” mentality too…or for me it seems more like most people believe that all ways lead to the same path, so your religion is just the same and as good as mine. Of course, the “openness” towards your religion only goes so far if you are a Jesus-Bible-believing Christian. The term Christian can mean a myriad of things here. I finally stepped out of my Christian home educating mom bubble last year, joining a group at the library, full of people of pretty much the opposite beliefs as me. It’s been fantastic to talk with them. I appreciate your challenging us to keep sharing our faith.

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    • “Oh, we have that “cardinal sin” mentality too…or for me it seems more like most people believe that all ways lead to the same path, so your religion is just the same and as good as mine.”

      Like how walking up the down escalators will get me to the top of the stairs just as fast as you. 😉

      Home schooling sounds like an amazing advantage, just so long as the kid’s are socialised properly.

      I was at a straight up standard school. Gang problems, violence, we actually had dummy cameras put into our school (you’d call it a high school perhaps) towards the end of my stay. Honestly though that’s an extreme case.

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      • The escalators analogy is a good one. Ha. 😉 Yeah, the socialization question is always the one people bring up. It’s too bad that some crazy, controlling, uber-legalistic home schoolers have given the others a bad rap over that. Most home schoolers are well-socialized with people of ALL age groups, not just their immature peers. Yeah, the government schools here are tough too. 😦 I feel so bad for the children who have no choice, or the sincere teachers who are trying their best. Not everyone is able to educate their children at home and I’m so thankful that I am able to currently.

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