C. S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce

I recently got though reading Lewis’ The Great Divorce, and it’s easily one of my favourite works of fiction. It’s extremely readable, and after being shattered from a hard days’ work Lewis is one of the rare people I can read from. So, give it about ten minutes, it’ll take about that long to know if this is your kind of thing. I described this book as Charlie and the chocolate factory (but based in heaven). If you’re interested I’d say pick it up.

― T. C. M

4 thoughts on “C. S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce

  1. I have not yet read this Lewis! Wow, really? I’ve never heard it described like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…my children and I read that last year and really enjoyed the book. You must be English or Canadian or ??? as I noticed your spelling of favourite ;). Amy

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    • English with awesome Irish roots, actually lived in the Republic for much of my childhood, so my accent is all wonky. Can mask it behind well-spokenness perhaps. 😛 Not sure I’ve met many people who’ve read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, maybe it’s a generational thing, or the many film adaptations have driven people away from a far better version in book form (that’s usually a safe thing to assume, right?)

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      • I enjoyed a holiday to England in 2016, alas only stopped in Dublin Airport like 5 times with all our connecting flights. I dream of visiting Ireland all by itself one day. The book is absolutely the BEST version of the story ever. We all LOVED it and randomly break into the oompa loompa songs. I was extremely offended 😉 that all I knew of this fantastic story was the Gene Wilder version. Albeit he’s a good actor.

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