OSC’s Annie’s got a gun

Recently I watched an interesting documentary in which a group of men and women were told they’d soon be experimented upon, both the male test subject and the female subject were told (told falsely) that they would soon have to go through a kind of painful shock treatment. Now the proper test began, they were then asked “Would you like someone to sit with you while you wait? It’ll be about an hour.” How do you think the test groups differed? Well, the women generally asked that someone would stay with them, so they’d converse, take their minds off of the upcoming test, and probably have a much less stressful time. Whereas the men plainly refused, instead they were left alone. Now, some people may think that’s cruel or unhelpful, and that the man should have company, however, I’m certain as a man that treating the male subject like the female subject wouldn’t have been helpful.

I know from the men over at my own church, family, old workplaces and elsewhere that the last thing most men want is a fuss made when they’re about to go through something unpleasant. Instead I’d give the man his space, he’s happier that way, as counter-intuitive as that might sound. Why is this important? It’s important because when we’re part of the Christian community we’re going to deal with tension, male vs. female, young vs. old, staunch vs. liberal and even race relation issues. Still, we never violate another conscience or attempt to overpower our brothers and sisters, rather what’s best is the art of persuasion. Persuading is actually a major theme in the Bible. Still, not everybody wants to persuade, because being persuasive is tough, it’s not fun denying that voice which says “condemn!” That leadership role that’s so very satisfying to take. Ask Anne, she’ll tell you how awesome it is to correct people and fight hard against her fellow believer. 😉 Let’s read as she tackles the porn king of Amsterdam (that’s me apparently).


If what you say in your About T. C. M on oldschoolcontemporary is what you really believe, than why do you promote Secular evil Photography as we see above right, it grieves me to see Porn publicly shown on a Christian Blog as you have done and yes it is Porn because it gives reality to what evil thinks is good.

Some Men dream of having a Harem of woman waiting for their sexual attention [Who doesn’t! I’m kidding, I’m kidding], it’s also practiced in Paganism and some Cults but we know God forbids Adultery and Fornication and this is what your Photo portrays even it used as an example.

I came here T. C. M to Thank you for joining up with Freedomborn which I appreciated but Hopefully you will seek The Lord in future for your Graphics, it is the same with those who show naked Men and Woman and claim it is OK because it is an Art form, it is not OK it is in reality Old and New time Porn, God covered Adam and Eve’s nudity and also asks Woman to dress modestly and not like a lot do today leaving little to the imagination and not just on beaches but everywhere even in Churches, which can cause Men to sin in their thoughts.

In Christ’s Name – Anne.*


Exhibit A! That’s right, a shirtless man.

Hello Anne, thanks for your comment. I’m curious however, which picture has offended you so badly? If you mean to write the collection of pictures set upon the front page, which are actually a series of pictures based primarily upon Mormon beliefs and historic practices, that’s a far cry from pornography. Pornography is material made with an intent to cause sexual excitement, whereas the above picture, the photo which has impacted you so strongly, is far more comical than anything else. Perhaps these images have excited you, they’ve not brought about in anyone else such feelings however. Writing “it is Porn because it gives reality to what evil thinks is good”, that’s not biblical, that’s not even sensible. So, thank you for your kind advise to seek the Lord, although your sensitivities on this matter aren’t from God, they’re from an arrogant heart.

Also, Adam and Eve covered their own nudity, not God. They covered themselves after coming to the knowledge of sin. You need to go back and read your Bible. Genesis chapter three explains: “When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.” Unless you’re a Mormon Adam isn’t God. Adam and Eve clothed their nakedness. God kindly clothing His creation later doesn’t detract from the above.

If you’ve visited my about page from your phone, which would cause only two images to appear at the top of your screen, you’ll come away without a proper knowledge of what the collection of images is meaning to express. Try returning by use of a laptop or personal computer so that you’ll get a bigger, less inaccurate picture.

[“Perhaps these images have excited you” Now this was teasing, 🙂 but I wrote that before realising Anne has no sense of humour]: As God tells us T. C. M we cannot judge anyone’s heart only He can, how sad your actions show contempt for His guidelines. I rebuked you privately because I care, you moderate so no one else needed to know, just because Mormons promote Fornication and Adultery by their words and actions does not mean we do the same, the picture you Posted is promoting their evil and you can be sure rubbish in rubbish out.

But do you really believe showing a naked Man in bed with 3 naked Woman is glorifying to God and why would this debauchery excite me, do you think a Woman wants to be sexually abused by Men which is what this Picture is promoting. Be careful T.C.M how you judge others by your own understanding or you will be judged the same.

As for others not objecting, I remember a saying…..Just because everyone is doing or excepting evil does not make it right or just because nobody is doing what is right does not make evil exceptionable.

What God warns us about… Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for Light and Light for darkness that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! K.J.V

In Christ’s Name – Anne.

So, by your reasoning, Anne, by uploading a photo of Mormon “fornication”/”adultery”, that’s to promote fornication and adultery. If you carry over that kind of thinking into other areas of life, uploading a photo of some Nazi symbol would be, by your method, supporting/promoting Nazism, or to show an act of terrorism would be to support terrorism. That’s simply muddled thinking. By judging “hearts” that’s figurative, my sister. Christ in Matthew chapter seven, as you appear to be aware, taught “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” due to which you imagine I ought not to have judged you for your inaccurate sermonizing, however, if you’d continue reading, Matthew seven is a command to judge, not to not judge, it’s actually commanding believers to judge right. You’ve judged wrong, so too was your understanding of Adam and Eve’s nakedness wrong.

Once again, pornography is material made with an intent to cause some kind of perverse excitement in the viewer, that’s not in any way the intent of the front page (although you’ve certainly noticed something in it). By your reasoning children who play in a water park are porn stars because in some very twisted people’s minds that’s sexual. In addition, when you’ve shared, “As for others not objecting, I remember a saying…..Just because everyone is doing or excepting evil does not make it right or just because nobody is doing what is right does not make evil exceptionable.” You’re mistaken, my friend, as I’ve never written others don’t object, my exact words happen to be “Perhaps these images have excited you, they’ve not brought about in anyone else such feelings however.” My message pointed out this image hasn’t brought about any kind of perverted eroticism in readers who’ve contacted the pages of this site, now, that’s not the same as writing “others aren’t objecting”, you’ve got to read more carefully. Although a person may think their pearls of wisdom gone to waste, your pearls, upon this occasion, aren’t even relevant.

Thank you for your quotation of Isaiah, hopefully you’ve read from him more thoroughly than you’re reading from me. . .and from Genesis. I can’t make you read properly, Anne. I can’t make you read your Bible and come away less ignorant of God’s word, thankfully smarts aren’t what brings you and I into His presence, it’s grace. I appreciate how you care, truly, however, you’ve misplaced tact, intellect, patience, reading comprehension and good humour in the meanwhile.

I often wonder if anyone in the church ever realizes that sometimes, not always, but sometimes, they “call out” what they believe to be sin with less than sinless behaviour. Obviously these people aren’t successful evangelists, because you simply can’t behave that way around others and get anywhere (maybe these people don’t care about getting anywhere). We can’t properly condemn Adam and Eve for nakedness when they haven’t eaten the fruit of knowledge, the claim is simply alien to them, in the same way, Anne trying to question the truthfulness of my beliefs on account of her sensitivity to shirtless men, in her introduction message no less, makes me wonder if Christians are being raised in caves.

This is (in a micro scale) like when Dr. James White invited Dr. Yasir Qadhi to share Islam at his church, now, for people who haven’t heard this story, White was promptly attacked by every Christian arm available. They said he had fallen away, that he’d betrayed his flock, that he shouldn’t be in a position of leadership (and on and on). Now, this isn’t about whether James was wrong or right, I personally thought he’d made a mistake, it’s about how believers approach a brother or sister who’s in error. Does how they approach people speak to the fact that they’re living out their Christian faith? I didn’t see that faith in either Anne or the people who went after Dr. White, in fact, what happened with White after he was attacked? He got defensive, made like an hour long radio show in which he attacked Sam Shamoun, went into the mud pit, and that’s what happens when Christians fail to “adorn” their speech or adorn their preaching (as White complained). Of course White adorns very little of his speech, especially his speech to Christians, he’s as abrasive as his detractors often are.

The point being you can’t properly condemn me/White or anyone’s actions for something the Spirit hasn’t convicted them over, but you can try and enlightened people to the idea that they ought to be convicted (which I’m certainly not). Well, someone might complain, “you gotta be bold, His word won’t return void”, no, it won’t, but you might. People might bury their talent and dig it back up later, saying to the Lord “Here’s that talent you gave me!” One of the saddest things I’ve witnessed in the church, and this is by choice, is a life of failure.

I’m not necessarily writing about Anne now, but rather people who behave as she has. These people reach no one, they help no one, neither inside or outside of the church, their first interaction with you slyly questions your love of God, and yet nobody sees God in them (that doesn’t mean He’s not there). They’re useless tools fit for nothing except driving people out of their church because on account of their actions services feel more like the church of Satan than Jesus Christ. They lack any sight of that radical transformative inclusivism which Christ acted out. He didn’t merely included people without becoming mired in their sin, He transformed people by His way of life.

I’m not saying with regards to people like Anne that “there’s a tare!” or “there’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing!” that’s too easy an answer, rather I’m saying these people are such selfish fatalists that they lack basic skills like respect, charity of spirit and tact. Am I wrong? Does the kind of behaviour which Anne’s shown strike you as helping church communities to flourish, or is it killing them? No serious arguments for their viewpoint, no manners, misusing the Bible, is that the Spirit within them? Heaven forbid you or I are seen as happy heretics, but when we question the absolute daftness of some of the church tyrants we meet, the accusations are bound to happen.

You’re not going to be treated lightly by the religious, the original virtue signallers, no chance. They’ve got an image to cultivate, a sword they’ve been whetting against their favourite pony they’ve rode in on, and you’ve either got to be in the church to correct that, or not, they’ll drive you out, you’ll end up posting on how much the church sucks because you weren’t willing to own that building like it’s yours. You’re gonna end up like Anne failing to correct men who aren’t your husband online, 😛 and that’s the news in the Christian world today, seriously.

― T. C. M

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