5 thoughts on “It’s okay to kill a baby when?

    • That’s a real shame if true, I haven’t been there for awhile now. My little bro sent me this. Ben rocks, gotta love him. Nice to see you’re posting, Brandon. Quick question, because you seem like a cool orthodox kinda guy, you believe in the classical understanding of the Trinity right? God one in essence and three in person. I’m sharing with a brother overseas a few reasons why he shouldn’t give up on so important an idea as found in the scriptures. Yourself and any visitors to the blog who have messages of support for the brother would be really helpful.

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  1. Cheers buddy ^^^. So far I’ve ran through my understanding of love as being freely given between more than one in eternity past (for which a unitarian god couldn’t be love in any recognizable sense of the word). In addition to the classical “let us create man in our image” (Genesis 1:26) text, not only were “us” and “our” used, it’s then stressed “in the image of God created Him them.” (Genesis 1:27). Top the text off with the fact that “let us MAKE man” doesn’t make since if it’s God talking with the angels, since angels aren’t co creators of humanity (Ecclesiastes 7:29). Only God talking with God can make sense of the material.

    Me writing this all out isn’t an attempt at making myself appear really smart, 🙂 I’m adding these so nobody else does. So yeah, any Christians out there who want to share something that’s reached you in the past, please do, you could make a big difference in a believer’s life.

    God bless everyone.


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