Updating OSC (2017)


Because navigating a blog that’s had articles posted every week for almost four years can be challenging, I’m adding an index so readers can find original content that’s being composed for the blog. Debates, rebuttal comments and internet exchanges are in red, whereas news, articles and things in-between are being left blue. For first time visitors who’ve only just found the blog thanks to a hand out you’ve gotten, or link you’ve read, I’m recommending for you the following conversations (they’re fun and informative). . .OSC’s 99 problems with pagan parallels (Round one, round two, round three). In addition to OSC’s Blue-sky thinking! The wacky world of the often illiberal left (round one!, round two, round three). And lastly, for readers who’re happier to read more of a lecture, a simple explantation of some of the arguments behind the Christian faith, then please read the poetry in motion conversation: OSC’s Poetry in motion (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4).

^^^^ For people who’ve read through the above conversations before, click over to the about page for more debates, articles and opinion pieces from the years gone by.

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