OSC’s Unsophisticated atheism (with Mr. Zinnia Jones)

Zinnia Jones, an……absolutely beautiful, extremely…….intelligent…..woman……who isn’t a man (how could you even think that)……has been uploading videos online on the subject of secularism, trans and Christianity for several years now. And in spite of having their detractors, they’re still playing at Bible scholarship with the…..best of them. Let’s listen to him (I mean her!) in action from several years ago, when they were only mildly crackers.

Well, I’m officially an atheist now. Although, before signing off from the world of religion, I wanted to write on just a few of Jones’ points.


Oh, wait, I’m a believer again! Mr. Jones hadn’t done their homework, they didn’t want to. How are people expected to grow in their studies, maturity and relationships with people of a different viewpoint if bunk like this (on the popular level) so outnumbers serious conversation. Where else did Jones play fast and loose with the truth? Let us know in the comments.

― T. C. M

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