Walter Martin – Dialogue on the Doorstep with a Jehovah’s Witness

After a week of cramming and home study I’m writing to update and share how I’ve been having an absolute blast with the witnesses here in London, although I can confirm they’re not always super happy having a chin-wag with me (perhaps because I’ve been carrying around an array of bonkers/embarrassing Watchtower literature from the 1920s). The witnesses, as I’ve found, don’t really care about doctrine, for example, they’re more than likely to offer only a half-hearted, heavily rehearsed counterargument to Luke 24:37 or John 2:19, whereas if you’re so full of beans as to go after their treasured Watchtower society, then it’s on! Gotta poke the bear just right and you’re in for an extra long debate (in which we can interject scripture so to plant the odd seed).

In the upcoming weeks, God willing, I’ll be adding arguments from history and dusty old Watchtower society tracts so to thoroughly discredit this organization of false prophets and Armageddon hoaxers, hoaxers who might I add are more known for doing damage to their own followers than to any doctrinally sound member of “Christendom.” That being written, it’s no good going behind the scenes of the Watchtower fraud without first making an effort to outline what the witnesses are taught to believe by their overseers in Brooklyn New York. Therefore, I’m adding my best loved audio on the subject, it’s from the late Dr. Walter Martin whilst he play acts a dialogue on the doorstep with a witness for the Watchtower. It’s not short, although before opting out, I’ll add it’s witty, good-humoured and informative (especially so for the Christian readers). So, enjoy guys, God bless and say a prayer or two for your buddy as he goes out sharing Christ in the world of the cults in the upcoming days.

― T. C. M


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