Why Muslims Attack Concerts

Recently readers will notice I’ve been adding a lot on the Manchester concert attack, which is uncharacteristic considering I’ll share topics that differ from week to week (not uploading every other day). Although this week is different, and my mindset is different, as how long is it going to be until there’s yet another attempted terrorist attack somewhere in the western world? Probably not long. That’s not the same as saying there will be another attack so impactful as the Manchester one, nevertheless, it won’t be long before another Muslim attack is put into action somewhere. With that in mind, what’s going to become of the victims of the Ariana Grande terror attack, well, they’ll be old new. Gone and forgotten everybody’s going to move onto the next bloodied survivor, the next “heroic” cab driver, the next vandalized mosque (because that’s the real story, don’t ya know?), and that’s that. Even the city of Manchester found reason to celebrate given a recent cup win over Ajax the day before yesterday, and whilst the people celebrated, beers in hand, I couldn’t help but feel slightly disturbed by the good time guys and girls. I suppose a week was too long for the tragedy to remain in vogue, gotta move on sometime, right?

― T. C. M


6 thoughts on “Why Muslims Attack Concerts

  1. Very good video. One of the things that really helped me to understand the points that you were making was actually seeing the passages of text from the Quran. Maybe it’s just because I’m more visual, but I think that for a lot of people it’s one thing to hear “this is what it says” and another thing to hold it up to the camera so that we can “see what it says.” If that makes any sense? Anyway, just wanted to say that was a good technique. Thanks for saying unpopular things that may rub some people the wrong way!

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    • That makes total sense, my friend. They do say “a picture says a thousand words”, and this video had a picture of words! So we’re talking the best of both worlds. I often say to people if I haven’t offended you yet, just give me a little more time. Still, much of that is due to how irritable everybody is nowadays, rather than me trying to be controversial (warm milk and a chat would do me just fine). Thanks for the great contribution, for a ……not so good contribution….please check out thegreyeye below. 🙂

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  2. On so many fronts I agree with you. This ‘keep calm and carry on’ attitude that most adopt is really rubbing me up the wrong way. Keeping calm and carrying on does not have these sick bastards saying, “well they’ve certainly showed us.” It has them seeing us for what we are: weak and unwilling to truly fight them. It invites them to attack further as far as I’m concerned. I’ve spent the past few days telling people this. Something needs to be done. Action needs to be taken. Singing ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ en masse as some kind of metaphor is a weak showing of solidarity when anger is exactly what people should look back in.

    That said, it’s all good and well people like you and I preaching such defiant words, but the big question remains: what exactly can us everyday citizens actually do? I think an end to virtue signalling would be a start as well as Islam apologists getting off their high horse. But what then? I know something needs to be done. I’m at a loss to explain what. I just know that keeping calm and carrying on is definitely not it.

    As for folk celebrating Man Utd’s Europa League success I really can’t judge because had it been Stockport County in the same scenario I’d have been celebrating too. I won’t judge Utd fans too heavily on that front.

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    • Always awesome to read from you, Paul. Honestly I’m not taking a pop at the footie, or even having a pint to celebrate, we’re not in Saudi Arabia yet, rather it’s this allergy the Brits seem to have to sobriety (AKA glumness, seriousness, mourning) that’s an irritant. Many people just want to feel some pleasure, to feel good even in the midst of this terrible situation. It’s really immature that for many of us what counts as mourning is changing an avatar picture on Facebook, nobody wants to tap into any sort of “negative” feelings on the subject. Regret, contrition, anger towards evil, those can be good things. We don’t deserve to be called “liberal” or “open-minded” people when we as a nation aren’t prepared to face up to the realities of what’s causing this mess. A change in the narrative isn’t hard either, since everybody knows what’s going on. Oh yeah, you nailed it, “don’t look back in anger”, that’s an appropriate answer to the problem of Muslim men terrorizing pre-teen girls. Rochdale all over again (although that time the people in power didn’t look at all). My straight answer with regards to you and I would be to write what’s needed is a culture shift, an informed population, and that’s something everybody can do at an individual level.

      This week I’m going to be at my local church, and for many people this may not even be about their beliefs in God, instead they’re there because that’s better than leaving this nation’s heritage to go to the dogs. These places are more loving than the empty shells a generation has left in their place (shells which become mosques). Within the week I’m going to be meeting nominal Muslims on the streets of London, and I’m just going to love on them, and part of that love means telling these guys the truth. Stand for something or fall for anything (even an Arab paedophile who raped and murdered his way into the history books). God bless and keep well, write back anytime.

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    • Have I led you to believe Muslims only attack the western world, my friend? If I have that certainly wasn’t my intention, since Muslims attack many places, they stab people in China, they murder Christians in Pakistan by bomb blasts while they’re celebrating Easter, they kill Coptic Christians regularly, in addition to murdering Buddhists and destroying their landmarks. You’ve read things into my article which simply aren’t there.

      So, it’s not that Muslims attack the western world EXCLUSIVELY. This article however was very much focused upon an attack against the west, namely the Manchester attack, which is of special interest to people living in the west. Of course we could simply sing Kumbaya and talk about every nation and every religion and every act of terror (totally taking the force out of this one act of evil). Nevertheless, none of what’s been written is done to the denial of other attacks.

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