Explosion during concert in Manchester (and how the media choose to respond)

Children are amongst the 22 dead and over 50 injured in an explosion at an Ariana Grande concert last night, the attacker, later identified as 23 year old Salman Abedi, is also among the dead. Maybe that’s something to do with Islam, maybe not (it’s probably Islam). Nevertheless, before adding what I believe is a relevant video from David Wood on the 7/7 London bombings, I’d like to write a brief thought on the news coverage on the Manchester attack. Waking up to read about my countrymen and women having been murdered, there’s no real coverage on why people are being senselessly harmed, rather there are stories of valiant cabbies who gave traumatized concert goers free rides home, or stories of how people are bravely going to work this morning as if nothing happened. This isn’t being done because nobody’s really sure and the collective media have such great control over themselves that they’re not inclined to jump to unproven conclusions (gay genes anyone?) Rather they’re eager to bombard people with feel good tripe in so awful a situation because they fear that (yet again) this attack was caused by Islam, the gift that keeps on giving.

To write bluntly about their stories, I don’t care, I don’t want feel good stories the morning after 22 people are murdered in the supposed safety of their own city. I don’t care about feeling up or happy when so many people have just had their lives destroyed. When news men and women say “Oh how brave. We’re such a brave country and won’t be divided by these acts, we’ll get on with it” that’s only an appropriate response when the nation’s reaction to terrorism in general is one which causes Islam inspired violence to retreat.

If the general response isn’t causing a retreat in terrorism than the reply of “we’re just going to carry on” isn’t an appropriate reply for people who insist they want less murder, less terror. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” doesn’t apply here. Coincidentally enough in the stabbings which happened recently, where a Muslim man drove at Londoners with their car, the response was the same. By a poorly scrawled message on a whiteboard in the underground commuters read “we’re going to drink tea and carry on.” Well, Mr. We’re going to drink tea and carry on, that’s probably one of the most callous things you can do in response to the death of innocent people, deaths which a culture shift could have stopped in it’s tracks. “You won’t divide us!” Only makes sense when we’re united, which we are not, and we’re not united because in 99% of bookshops in the country you can buy a manual which reads unambiguously “kill and be killed,” and “slaughter people who don’t think like you think.”

On the event the Independent reported “if the intention of those who commit acts of terror is to disrupt ordinary life, then the only possible response is not to let that happen.” Great idea, let me try too: “If the terrorist’s intentions are everything I say they are, then I can give a really poor response and pretend that’s a strong answer. It’s like answering a question nobody asked!” Their intention was to murder children, my rocket scientist friends over at the Independent, and that’s exactly what they achieved. If we’re writing about Islamic terrorism then their aim was to murder in the name of their religion, and that’s exactly what they achieved. Don’t attribute false goals and narrow intentions to people so that you can “answer” the challenge of terrorism by burying your head in the sand.

Though they’re not done dishing their pearls of wisdom yet: “We’re not actually equipped to do that much at all, other than to try to carry on, to not allow ourselves to be terrorised, to not stop living our lives.” Reading in context, knowing your sources, informing the population, the news isn’t able to do any of those things, yeah. The article ended by pointing out that if Ariana Grande could “inspire” people to stick to business as usual, they’d “deserve the name dangerous woman.” Dangerous woman being in reference to a song or album (who over the age of twenty-five really knows?) So, and this is the reasoning of supposedly the most advanced people ever known in history, if we’re able to be “inspired” by the teen idol Ariana Grande into doing jack all, literally doing nothing that the misled masses weren’t doing before, then she’ll deserve to be described as “dangerous.” The boggling of the mind that must go on in these places.

Before heading out to serve my community, I’d like to write a little thank you list. Thank you, atheists. Thank you for obscuring the evils of Islam by religious relativism, in addition to throwing other faiths under the bus when you’re called upon to act with honesty. Thanks for making Christianity (a world-view which made our loving culture) the point of your hatred. Thanks again for pretending Islam’s been responsible for science and various other forms of advancement in the western world, as opposed to pointing towards the reality: A one thousand year mess of murder, rape and plunder (in which Muslim invaders assimilated advancements which we can prove were made by other cultures).

Thanks nominal Muslims, thanks for holding to a political ideology masquerading as a religion, and cheers for being immune to any respectful teaching to the contrary. Your momma and papa still talk with you, which they wouldn’t do if you left Islam, so, the death of 22 people is worth it just so long as you’re not put into any socially uncomfortable situations. You don’t go to the mosque, you don’t recite your prayers, you drink, you’re a fraud, and murderers across the world thank you for your support (if in name only).

Was it Islam, was it not Islam (it was probably Islam). Furthermore, I’d like to add (unlike many online) I’d take no comfort in that. I would personally take zero joy in the fact that “I told you so” regarding Islam, hopefully no true believer does. The left mourn, the right celebrate, internet atheists mourn, because “this will give ammo to the bigots!” If you thought they’d be mourning the continued loss of life you’d be wrong. The bigots already have ammo, my atheist friends, they murder people with it. One writer summed up the Independent’s article (and the media’s attitude towards terrorism in general) very well: “Keep calm and carry on being bombed.” This article I’m writing today, although being about an event, is really a timeless article, timeless because people aren’t changing their ways, they’re going to drink tea and carry on.

― T. C. M


24 thoughts on “Explosion during concert in Manchester (and how the media choose to respond)

  1. While I don’t agree that the mass media is fake news, I do agree that they either focus on the wrong thing for too long, or try to paint a picture of a utopian world that doesn’t exist. I would love to just keep trucking in this world field with mass murderers, but it ain’t that easy. Rather than focusing on how we can easily go on living, why not focus on getting rid of these mass murderers?

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    • I totally agree. And of course we know this topic is made to slip into immigration, it’s made to slip into religion and identity and poverty and even mental illness (talk about your fake news). Some of the detours are relevant and others aren’t. However there’s got to be common ground, and part of that commonality is that no reasonable person on either the left or the right (nor the believing or the unbelieving) want people being murdered my Islamic radicals. That’s fair, I’m not going to junk in all credibility by saying “Ah those leftist commies want everybody blown up”, that’s not true. It’s just that their tools, the tools of the liberal multicultural militant leftist, they’ve failed big time. They don’t work on men who use freedom of religion, free of movement and secular law to destroy all of these things. At this point in time we’ve got a large section of the media and leadership acting as enablers, they’re whether they get this or not facilitating terrorism by turning a blind eye to what the problems are.

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  2. @ Old School Contemporary, this line from your blog entry “Thanks nominal Muslims, thanks for holding to a political ideology masquerading as a religion” is absolutely perfect. If we are Westerns are to be successful in banning Islam from our countries, then we must first realize that Islam is NOT a religion but a political ideology that disguises as religion.

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    • I think in reality, what you’ve shared isn’t so radical an opinion. Nation’s often ban or enshrine into law rules against speech which “incites hatred”, and the Islamic material put into any coherent order (thus Islam) simply commands hatred of the people who choose to follow it. Islam is political and we ban dangerous political groups, simply really. Thanks for the comment, my friend. Keep doing what you’re doing.


  3. I’m aware of that fact that Islam is not a religion. Which is why is angers me to see what my Canadian prime minister is doing to my country. Canada’s prime minister is handing us Canadians over to fucken Islam. On March 23rd our Canadian federal government passed an anti-Islamophobia Motion which is almost equivalent to those Islamic blasphemy laws that they have in Islamic countries. The next step after a Motion passes is then introducing it a a legislation and if that legislation then introducing it as a bill.
    I’m very knowledgable about the dangers of Islam. I’ve made a website about Islam’s dangers. If you’re interested you can check out my website here https://standupforfreedoms.wordpress.com/ I currently have 13 pages on that website of mine in total.

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    • It must be terrible to see your nation being destroyed from the foundation by such absurd legislation, although being part of the United Kingdom I understand the kind of craziness you’re up against. Hopefully visitors will view your website, it’s an important thing you’re doing.


  4. Just a note on the fact you can get a Quran in any English bookshop- Waterstones also stock Mein Kampf and the Elders of Zion. What they don’t stock are books by the like of Tommy Robinson or Lauren Southern.
    And yes- the liberal media has a terrible tendency of constructing an idea of what the terrorists are trying to achieve- whether that’s (in their mind) disrupting the election/our way of life/stopping our foreign policy/trying to divide us and make us Islamophobic- and then they can conveniently say “they’re not winning”. But the truth is, they want to kill all infidels- which they will continue to succeed in doing as long as we bury our head in the sand and pretend that singing kumbaya is really scaring them off their goals. I for one am genuinely sick of this response. The very least politicians/journalists/the general public could do is be honest about what is happening here. (That and a state sponsored “draw Mohammed day”)

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  5. Thank you–the callous posturing of “getting on” as if nothing happened…do they really think the terrorists are impacted by that in any way but to be encouraged to do worse? Don’t the people of London realize they’re being made war upon? How much clearer can it be? Perhaps they do–except for their deplorable mayor.

    “Thank you, atheists. Thank you for obscuring the evils of Islam by religious relativism, in addition to throwing other faiths under the bus when you’re called upon to act with honesty. Thanks for making Christianity (a world-view which made our loving culture) the point of your hatred. ” Well said.

    “Their intention was to murder children, my rocket scientist friends over at the Independent, and that’s exactly what they achieved.” Exactly–the terrorists know what their goals are, why don’t the targets? Isn’t it clear enough yet!?

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