Happy Easter everyone!

Obviously I’m so Christian, and so hardcore, that I won’t celebrate Christmas, Easter or any other satanic pagan love festival. In fact, I don’t even call Jesus Jesus, because He had a Jewish name. Did you know Jesus’ birthday wasn’t even in December? Yeah, that’s how serious about religion I am. I just hope this video I’m about to share doesn’t embarrass me in any way. 😛

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Every year around Easter we start hearing about Ishtar and how Easter is pagan. Well, this video refutes this nonsense.

Frank Stenton – Anglo-Saxon England

Carole Cusack – The Goddess Eostre: Bede’s Text and Contemporary Pagan Tradition

Jacqueline Simpson and Stephen Roud – A Dictionary of English Folklore, Section: Easter Eggs

Tanya Gulevich – https://archive.org/details/TanyaGule…

Oh crackers.


5 thoughts on “Happy Easter everyone!

  1. I really appreciated this video. I had heard some of these pagan associations before, but without the evidence to refute them, so I greatly appreciate this video! Great job! (Just a comment, for what it’s worth, I wonder if those who promote this “Am I doing something that is pagan?” Type of fear aren’t really doing it to create dependence upon themselves…
    sort of like “you need to listen to me. I’ll give you the real truth so that you aren’t fooled into performing pagan rituals and lose your salvation” This kind of fear can be a destructive tool, I think.) anyway, thanks for sharing this great video with us!

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    • You’re totally welcome, boss. I’ve noticed the kinds of Christian believer who refuse to take part in modern holidays are either worried, which causes in me lots of sympathy, or they’re just arrogant, and they’re far too happy in their pride to change. The prideful sort, if I’m reading you correctly, aren’t shy about taking less educated believers off onto the sidelines, after which they’ll “lay down the law”, as it were. It’s like setting up the fear of man as the fear of God, it’s historically how cults came about, starting with what begins as a small group who’ve gathered around one charismatic man’s (or even a woman’s!) reading of the Bible.

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