David Wood’s How can God die?

Slightly related to the last question which was asked of us a few days ago, David Wood goes into explaining how it is that God can die. It’s a great complimentary video to the previous post in which I pointed towards Jesus’ divinity by way of Isaiah and several quotations from the book of Revelation. In my post, the Bible explained how God and Jesus are the alpha and omega, first and last, in addition to explaining Jesus once died, and now is alive for evermore. You don’t need to be a logic wizard to connect the dots here, my friends. My point was a roundabout way by which to show readers who won’t read in context how Jesus is the one God of Scripture, with which I had to engage with the question can God die, however that’s just one way of many ways through which I can make the same point, Wood in the upcoming video however wants to answer the question of “How can God die” directly, for which we’re treated to a very different kind of presentation. It’s an excellent one, enjoy.

2 thoughts on “David Wood’s How can God die?

  1. Thanks for sharing this great video. Although the material is presented from the standpoint of witnessing to Muslim friends, the content is still very valuable for our own understanding of why we believe what we believe as Christians and also for explaining things to people who have been brought up in the Christian faith but are questioning. Thanks again!

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    • One of the best parts about these kinds of studies is that they don’t simply provide answers, but rather, at least in my experience, they’re providing satisfying answers, robust defences and explanations grounded in top-notch philosophy and biblical principles. They’re true to the text and a great learning opportunity for everyone. I’m reminded of two instances of answers, just (in my opinion) unsatisfactory answers, one from Buddhism and a second from Islam.

      For example, Buddha, according to the traditions, was asked about how the universe began, in addition to a question about God, their reply was silence, this silence was repeated in about 12 famous questions. Modern Buddhists reply by sharing how Buddha snubbed these questions because he was so enlightened, so superior to the questioner’s state unenlightenment, that they simply didn’t dignify their question with a reply. Now, that’s an answer, I just find it to be an awfully condescending and poor answer. It’s so unlike what David Wood attempted in the above, attempted successfully insofar as I’ve read.

      Similarly, in the case of Muhammad, they taught their own internal doubts about creation. The world, he began, who made it, then they asked who made something else, the universe for example, they continued in this way until they were asked the big question. “if Allah made everything, then who made Allah?” Muhammad’s reply? He replied that such questions are from the demons, he then advised people to ignore these thoughts and to flee from the questions. Just like in the case of believers in Buddhism, these are answers, and if we’re happy to stop at those kinds of answer, that’s our right in a free country. I however found the American philosopher Dr. Craig gave a far better answer then to flee from the genies. Even YouTube video makers like Inspiring Philosophy can provide far more interesting answers.


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