Man in dog costume asks if he can self identify as a dog

If Bruce Jenner can be a woman, and Rachel Dolezal can be black, why can’t Luke be a Dog? With Target letting any man who simply “self identifies” as a woman to use the female restrooms we ask people if it is OK to self identify as a dog.

We ask visitors to Ocean Beach, San Diego what makes someone human?

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Oh, you may laugh at the dog man now, however, it’s a very real thing: The men who live as dogs: ‘We’re just the same as any person on the high street’



6 thoughts on “Man in dog costume asks if he can self identify as a dog

    • I totally agree, my friend. Sometimes sadly people are having two separate conversations, for example, somebody might be stressing the proper legality of an individual who identifies as canine (which nobody’s doubting), yet, they’re ignoring how the person who began the discussion intended to stress the consistency or morality of a culture in which men who identify as dogs are shunned, mocked and even isolated, whereas other forms of self identity are positively advertised as a grand lifestyle choice.

      A person could easily reply “legality doesn’t equal morality,” which would be another topic for discussion. If my friends buck the point by writing “Well, I’m on about legality, bro.” I’d reply “Slavery was legal too, buddy. Slavery was legal too.” Your man does have freedom of choice to believe they’re an animal of any kind, and how you or I respond, that too would be within our range of legal (and in certain people’s cases illegal) options.

      Is our choice to stress his legal clout to behave as an animal really our best or most loving option? And if so, why opt for love anyway?

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      • I’ve actually read up on fairy-kin recently, the host of a page had to remind readers that although their class (or kind or self identity) doesn’t require food, sleep or bathing, they do, so they reminded people to stay hydrated and to continue feeding themselves. They wrote how no matter their class (they were a vampire….) or their mental health status, they’re awesome and should have their views validated. Anybody who disagreed was classed as “ignorant” (not worthy of having their views validated). It made me wonder, as I don’t presuppose mental health issues with regards to any of my readers, why would they?

        I shall be…..a leprechaun! Seriously, why are fairy-kin people often the “cool” things (dragons, vampire, angels), was it just good luck that their past incarnate self was something super popular today?

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