Is Zucchini a Sexual Orientation?

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you hear about “zucchini” as a sexual/romantic term and “genderfuzz” as a multi-gender identity.

He is not making this up! For readers like transcribingmemory, who claim gender is a social construct, the above is posted so to help edify you. Because when people claim gender is a great fiction, or that chromosomal differences (by which our gender distinctions are formed) are fiction, you’re granting this “binary fiction” an equal platform with actual fictions (like the above). Demi-girls, omni gendered, gender fluxed “people” don’t need encouragement in the same way that someone suffering from paranoid disillusion doesn’t need me jumping out of the bushes shouting “They’re gonna get ya!” All the politicized, bunk science in the liberal world won’t save a person from the fact that when you allow yourself to fall into the lingo and redefinition game of the gay activists you make yourself ridiculous.

Text your zucchini, readers. We’ll all text our zucchinis, and ask them if this is absolute stupidity, and let’s ask how people can deny male and female while at the same time affirming the craziness of invented sexualities, gender in daily flux and even tran toddlers! I’m not writing people on the left have to debate me on this, I’m just asking that you take five solitary minutes to think on it.


― T. C. M


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