Is National Geographic Complicit in a Form of Child Abuse?

Dr. Brown shares his concerns about National Geographic’s Gender Revolution cover story.


17 thoughts on “Is National Geographic Complicit in a Form of Child Abuse?

  1. I can think of a lot of forms of child abuse and accepting and allowing a child to be who they feel they are without condemnation is not one of them. Gender is a social construct. Apparently, a religious one too.


    • “Gender is a social construct.” Now, you’re not simply writing something already plastered everywhere, but you’re also going so far as to use the same phraseology, in a sense, outing your lack of study on the matter. You’re not a mental health professional, nor any other kind of medical authority, are you? If you are, then I’d imagine you’d be more acquainted with the relevant literature, which strongly insists the vast vast majority of young people who aren’t funnelled into damaging drug programmes and mental training so to help let out their “inner tranny” recover from such painful mental abnormalities. By people (sometimes even well-meaning parents) affirming this dangerous and harmful behaviour they’re in actuality hindering their child’s recovery from such heartbreaking confusion.

      Insofar as gender being constructed goes, that’s something only held on to to the degree that it can gain sex activists their cultural revolution. For example, blue isn’t for boys any more than pink is for girls, we’re told, although, that’s only considered true by the modern gay activist until little Timmy wears a skirt, or pushes about a pink balloon, or tries playing with Barbie, then suddenly they’re gay! Or a woman, or something!

      You’re harming children, my friend. They’re tools being used in your experiment.

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      • I’d like to start with the fact that I have never hurt one child ever. Following your accusation with “my friend” is an attempt to take this conversation out of the realm of a logical debate to one of rabid emotions. So is making it personal with asking questions about my education. Since you are curious, I have two degrees. No, none in the medical field but I’m not sure that applies to being informed about this debate. Are you a medical professional?
        Look, this is the major problem I had with the post and the video: when ever people are scared and don’t want things to change they create rhetoric that is more fear mongering. “Child abuse!” “Child abuse!” How can anyone with a big heart stand up against the real message behind that video? People who know better. People who are thinking straight. So I stood up against the real homophobic message. And look what happened. I got called a child abuser.
        I’m not trans. I’m lucky that I feel very comfortable with who I am. I also don’t really understand why people have this struggle and these feelings. But I am a humble person. I know many trans people and I’m getting to know them as they are getting to know themselves.
        I do have plenty of education and training in child psychology. I know ignoring identity issues are shaming a child for feeling a certain way while they are young and open and exploring only causes more identity issues shame and resentment down the line. Yes. Children should be protected. One of the many things they should be protected from is bigotry.


      • Self-praise is no praise, would you not agree? Describing yourself as humble isn’t particularly humble in and of itself, drawing into question your point. I’m happy to write and share our views in an unemotional way, yet, in writing “my friend” I’m simply offering an olive branch so that you’re not overly bothered by my contradicting your viewpoint. Considering how thoroughly illogical you complimenting yourself as humble is, in addition to the illogicality of supporting such harmful activity as sex change therapy and/or surgery, it’s an interesting twist to believe I’ve attempted to remove our conversation from the logical to the emotional (perhaps off target, I’m sharing). The question isn’t necessarily to do with you and I having certain credentials, but rather, as my initial message explained, it’s to do with whether or not you and I have deferred to suitable authorities insofar as forming our opinions have gone. Deference would be our issue, an example of the above being my asking you whether or not you’re acquainted with the relevant material (which I’d be surprised if many were).

        When you write in defence of behaviours which are known to worsen and further entrench a child in a well-known psychiatric condition, you’re then in danger of being described as an abuser of children (that’s natural). Children generally recover from such awful conditions, by “allowing a child to be who they feel they are” you’re closing the door on their being comfortable in their biological body, their chromosomal body. Putting a child on hormone blockers, and other drugs, after which they’re going to have their penis chopped off, that’s child abuse by definition. Would you remove the legs of someone suffering from “amputees disorder”, that’s creating their ideal self, or perhaps you’d preform liposuction upon an anorexic.

        Now, homophobia. That’s not an actual medical thing, that’s just an ill-founded accusation which people who are (usually) badly informed use to try and silence their opposite number, and it’s not particularly effective. You’re very lucky to have kind friends who are in an ongoing struggle, they’re wrestling against their gender confusion, they’re however unlucky to have you as their friend, as you’re so weak as to not be an honest, strong influence in their lives. That’s very selfish of you. They can find your kind of “insight” on any mainstream television program, internet forum or gay pride parade (which is just to say they can have their mental issues affirmed anywhere where other people who struggle mentally are found). If you loved anyone, and I’m not implying you don’t, you would educate yourself, you’d stop your “gender is a construct” rhetoric, and you’d then answer their troubles in love. Your endmost claim also isn’t accurate.


      • So you read the article. Great. Staying on point. The kid did not get surgery nor is she on hormone treatment. So all that is happening is a chromosomal boy is dressing like a girl and her parents are not trying to stop it. Maybe, since gender is a social construct, they don’t find anything wrong with a boy wearing pink. There is nothing in the article to suggest her parents are insisting with her that she is trans and should get surgery. This person may or may not grow out of it but nothing irreversible has been done. If this child does grow out of it, he can laugh and say – “I was finding myself.” If she doesn’t, maybe she will beat the suicide and depression statistics mentioned in the article because her parents love her for who she is. PS – “chopping a penis off” is not how gender reassignment surgery is done. I am a writer, however, so I understand sometimes we use other strategies besides fact to get a point across.
        I have ignored certain things you have said but I don’t want you to think that I am not condoning your rudeness or your name calling. You don’t communicate respectfully, so I’m going to drop the mic.
        Have a blessed day.


      • White’s video was actually really well explained, in addition, in light of their circumstances, they could have rather easily played into this “rescue children by violently altering their bodies” narrative (their level headedness is a gift to their viewers). Insofar as the American College of Paediatricians are concerned, they have for so far back as I’ve read been a real source of healing with regards to transgender issues. An excellent contribution. You know, TOL, people could dismiss your mature, well-studied views far easier if you were an outdated religious zealot like myself. 😈 Though with how things stand today readers would find dismissing either yourself or Blair very difficult.

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      • Yes exactly- they’re one of the few people in that position to actually speak out against it. Whatever someone’s stance is on transgenderism and sex changes for adults, this is not the same thing.
        Yes- the America College of Paediatricians are excellent- in a lot of ways they are confirming what we already know, but it is fortunate to finally have people in the medical profession discussing this openly.
        Hahaha of course- I can tell you from experience that people just do not know how to handle irreligious people that disagree with fanatical leftism. People usually ask if I’m religious to have the opinions I do and don’t know what to do when the answer is no- they are looking for a way to dismiss the other person’s point of view. When that doesn’t work they resort to name-calling (with regards to this I’ve been called every name under the sun irl)- it’s very childish. They are completely unwilling to engage in the debate for its own merit. So yes, they have a pretty easy time dismissing the arguments 😉 That’s what they do best!


  2. Gosh I can’t stand this or the silly ideologue arguing in favour of children transitioning- it *is* child abuse- as stated by the American College of Pediatricians. There really is no debate. Even prominent transgenders like Blaire White are against children transitioning. I could go into detail as to why, but statement the American College of Pediatricians put out titled “Gender Ideology harms Children” on it is more illuminating than anything I could write. (I will link to the argument in a separate comment cos sometimes that gets blocked on WP) This is one of those regressive attitudes that just makes me livid.

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