OSC’s Very Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas! And a very merry Christmas to the following people: arcadepop, SLW (my fave), Madblog, the Orang-utan Librarian, Oh the places we see, Michael Philip Atkins, Roach59, ceayr, HesterLeyNel, enmanscamera, mikesteeden (a top man), Alex Black, Sheila Good, KIA, kaptonok, DWR, John Z (He gets double), Steven D, Bob, Steven Crowder (who doesn’t read my blog!) Chisa, Allallt, the kaaba stone, purplebutterfly964, shuvigautam, koolkosherkitchen, OY30 (because Mexican food is so good, no triggering), blairsynblog, Curlygirlabroad, piratepatty, thegirlonthego08, AnimeTai (I believe you, Tai!), seeingdeep1 (thank God for the ladies, so many ladies reading OSC), tedgiffin, Harlon (like a young Jack Bauer I tells you), Michael Basham, Harbin77, Lee, AshiAkira, Jeanne, Beauty beyond bones, Almost Iowa and lastly CurryNcode!


And if I didn’t wish you a merry Christmas in the above, obviously I must hate you. . .that’s the only logical reason behind it. 😛 Thank goodness you’re already loved by the one who matters most, “for God so loved the world,” and that means you. For everyone who has in their heart a desire to know the Lord in this fast approaching year, but perhaps don’t know where to begin, message me in the comments, as I’m happy to teach privately (No pressure, no fees, just Christ’s love). Have a wonderful day guys, girls and non-gender binary persons.

― T. C. M


11 thoughts on “OSC’s Very Merry Christmas!

    • Oh man! Now I feel like a heel for missing people out. Thanks GI, and Merry Christmas. I’m waiting on the day when your every tear is dried, as your writings really got to me today. You know, slightly off topic here, but, it’s when stories like yours started upsetting me (years ago), it’s then that I knew what God said about replacing a heart of stone for a heart of flesh was true.


  1. I just now stumbled upon your lovely holiday greeting addressed to …me! Thank you and I’m so touched! I hope you had an extremely Merry Christmas, and that your new year is beginning auspiciously!

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