OSC’s Finger on the Pulse

Early in the morning on June 12th, 2016, American Muslim Omar Mir Seddique Mateen opened fire at “The Pulse,” a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Mateen killed around 50 people and injured dozens more while shouting “Allahu Akbar!” During the attack, he called 911 to declare his allegiance to ISIS. One of Mateen’s former co-workers said that he regularly spouted hate-filled, racist, and misogynistic words, but wasn’t fired because he was a Muslim. Mateen had ties to radical imam Marcus Dwayne Robertson and to other Islamic fundamentalists.

So, did this shooting have something to do with Islam? Read more here.

Having just returned from a week long holiday in where’s considered by many to be the gay capital of the United Kingdom, I’ve arrived in London with a free copy of Carnival of Diversity! A magazine printed to promote upcoming gay pride events. Now, in light of the above attack, it’s really tragic to read a small sampling of the entertainment on offer at the upcoming Pride events, for example, on pages 24 and 25 of the magazine, we’re introduced to the Pride “pleasure gardens” (a play on the mainly gay phenomena of men soliciting sex from other anonymous males in parks). Just a brief sampling of the entertainment on offer by way of the pleasure garden reads like so: ‘Keep an eye on those balls as Boogaloo Stu hosts his outrageous, naughty bingo then dance the night away as DJ Dynamite Sal delivers a night filled with classic party anthems.’

Yet another example of gay friendly entertainment available reads: ‘Pleasure is coming to Brighton.’ After which it’s explained ‘Sink the Pink’ will on the 6th of August tap into ‘the hedonism of those glorious Blitz’s club-kid New Romantic days’, sounds as though there’s an abnormally strong sexual theme forming. The crown jewel however comes by way of ‘The English Disco Lovers’, with which page 25 continues: ‘Want your disco fabulous, fun and with a sense of sparkling social cohesion? Then the English Disco Lovers will deliver as they head to Brighton Pride’s Pleasure Gardens Pride Pavilion for a party with a conscience.‘ Sounds intriguing, let’s continue while keeping in mind the above story: ‘By tackling Islamophobia, racism and refugee issues in an engaging and unusual way, the English Disco Lovers are spreading a message of equality through music, fun, wit and positive activism.’

Now, we’ve all heard the saying disco is dead, but who would have guessed its mortal wound having been so sorely self-inflicted. Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, no, scratch that, the entire Islamic world, demands the wholesale slaughter of men who have sex with men, yet here are same sex attracted people throwing Islam a parade! This is more than the turkeys voting for Christmas, it’s just extraordinary. Who’s truly going to stand up for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting when the gay community are so in bed with an ideology which calls for their demise?

Addressing the situation more candidly, the victims of Sunday’s massacre were (sadly to write) too queer for the likes of the neanderthal right to really mourn their end, and to shift towards the opposite end of the political divide, who people generally describe as “the left” are so tortured by self-loathing or punch-drunk from their own wealth of talking points in defense of Islam that they’re unable to write or address the crime for what it truly was, an act of terror against a hated subculture motivated by both anger towards the gay community and the Islamic religious teachings (which gives marching orders in the now to slaughter men who have sex with men).

This to me was brought home during a Sky News segment in which Owen Jones, an often articulate young speaker (and same sex attracted man), stormed off screen out of sheer frustration, due in no small part to the sort of particularly language and deflection tactics taken up by his conversation partners in addressing this clearly awful case of Islam inspired terror. The host of the conversation, Mark Longhurst, and co-guest, Julia Hartley-Brewer, who ordinarily raise as much controversy as a slow moving iceberg somewhere in the Antarctic, did the much loved media tactic of making Muslim terrorism about anything other than Islam, with which gun control was on the table for discussion, in addition to Brewer insisting on describing the Muslim shooter as “a lunatic” (making their actions less about Islam and far easier to dismiss). Jones, visibly discomforted by the way in which the conversation was being painted in broad brush and vague terms (rather than entering into the very specific homo hatred Omar Mir Seddique Mateen surely had in their heart), suddenly removed his microphone, remarking “I’m going home” as he did so.*


Now, I’m no stranger to people, even people I like insofar as I know them, throwing a wobbly, then taking their ball and going home (that’s just how they protect their views), however, Owen Jones’ antics were above most such an interesting treat, as they lost their cool over tactics which he himself has often employed in defense of Islam! So, for what reason was the young man surprised when his on screen friends simply continued playing by the script, they of course hadn’t broken ranks from the mainstream, rather Owen had. Jones left the script of calling Muslim shooters crazy and questioning gun control because he wanted to highlight the human cost, the queer cost of the loving people pitilessly murdered, their conversation partners simply weren’t going to touch so true an issue however. Deny deny deny is simply how elitists in the media and government respond to acts of violence inspired by (or even commanded in) Islam’s religious material, whereas Owen, who so effectively went by their script in the past, was suddenly shocked that a community he had a special affiliation with were ignored when next in the cross hairs of the Islamic war machine. But why be so naive as to think the supreme show of denial would stop just because same sex attracted people were the victims this time, they and not Jews, or the Copts, or women or children.

Owen Jones, much like the writers of the Carnival of Diversity magazine I myself picked up (alongside a free mini can of “Desperado” beer), have been, either knowingly or unknowingly, defending a belief system which calls for their total annihilation. They’re so deluded however, so utterly in denial as to the true face of Islam, that it’s going to take the sort of tragedies that happened on Sunday to shake even a small handful of the left out of their bubble. The attempted annihilation of the nation of Israel, Coptic Christians or even Londoners being blown up on trains and buses on their way to work apparently wasn’t enough to get Owen outraged on screen (pretty sad really), nor enough to make him take seriously the many charges against the so-called religion of peace, when their friends in the media attempt to ignore crimes against same sex attracted people however, that’s enough to start Owen noticing carefully skewed language and deflection on the part of the mainstream media (their sceptical antenna has finally peaked).

Mental health and the availability of inanimate objects, objects which lack any destructive power in the hands of loving, rational people, was made the topic of discussion (to the dismay of Owen), since to write, speak or hint at the true motives as they’re described by Islamic militants and those influenced by radicalism has been deemed inappropriate from on high. ‘Allahu Akbar!’ Cries Omar Mir Seddique Mateen before murdering 50 people, as has shouted many young Muslim men before slaying who they described as “infidels”, nonetheless, politicians, “community leaders” and endless television puppeteers know better. Terrorists may claim they are doing these violent acts because of Islamic injunctions, injunctions we can find ourselves which explicitly command violence, but the left know it’s REALLY the fault of gun laws, Western intervention in Iraq, racism, Donald Trump and the Tea Party! (coincidentally everything/everyone they already hate).

When are apologists for Islam going to learn, perhaps only when their own community is next under threat, a threat Jews and Christians have been under since Islam began. Unfortunately the loving people already murdered never had the chance to hear the truth about Islam spoken in love, for which they most likely defended the very ideology which led to their deaths. Or as the writer Douglas Murray explained: ‘If [the political group] “Gays for Palestine” were actually living in Palestine, they’d soon have to move to Israel!’

― T. C. M


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