Our abortion issue

Clicking into today’s post you’ll see what looks like a baby, it’s a picture of one yet in the womb at 20 weeks, they can suck their thumb, smile, pull faces and stretch as you’d expect a child to do, it’s not considered a child in Britain however, not if the mother carrying feels it’s an inconvenience to her. This sort of baby is still vulnerable thanks to the Abortion Act of 1967 here in Britain, as the Brits allow people to end a baby’s life up until 24 weeks, this isn’t in keeping with the European union standards nor the plain evidence of when life begins, in France and Germany, for example, abortion is heavily limited after 12 weeks, as written about here (Most liberal abortion limit in Europe). So what more do people write about the baby at the 24 week stage of development, well the national health service reckons: ‘Your baby is beginning to get into a pattern of sleeping and waking, which won’t necessarily be the same as yours. When you’re in bed at night, feeling relaxed and trying to sleep, your baby may be wide awake and moving about.’ Furthermore the baby responds to the sound of your voice and can even increase its pulse. Is this an actual person, not here in great Britain. Ignoring the inconsistency within the law which convicts men for double murder when they murder a woman and her child before 24 weeks, as if to imply whether or not the baby is alive is context specific, or even overlooking the fact that babies have survived outside of the womb before the 24 week limit (Our little miracle), why not just curtail the culture which has made Britain and many other places abortion hotspots.

Nevertheless, if any person reading can only entertain for a moment that what they’re seeing is truly a living baby, what should both abortion in Britain and the statistics worldwide say about the state of humanity right now. For example, ‘According to WHO, every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day.’ Is this cause for celebration in the mind of an abortionist, perhaps for every newly slain baby they’re imagining themselves having won an awesome victory for women’s rights, although the fact that many of these aborted babies are girls should give the same person reason for pause. We’re often enlightened to the fact that the last century has been by far the bloodiest in all of human history, animal rights activists are particularly in tune with this fact, we’ve advanced technologically, which hasn’t just helped mankind with good health and longevity, it’s also made for laboratory diseases of our own design, drones fashioned with a mind to spy and murder, napalm, and of course the atomic bomb. Abortion isn’t ordinarily mentioned in our list of human misery however, just imagine the shame modern people would feel if it was.

― T. C. M


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