Bruce Jenner and getting real about who we are

Bruce Jenner says “call me Caitlyn!” I say I’ll call you Bruce, if you don’t mind us being brutally honest for a moment.

Someone asked me what my thoughts were on people who suffer with wanting to change their gender, this conversation was relating to the recent Bruce Jenner controversy. The once respected Olympic gold medal winner is now being praised for something entirely different, that being the mutilation of his body so to appear outwardly as a woman. Although my description appears crude that’s exactly what’s taken place if we remove the carefully sanitized language that’s been trailing this story like a bad smell. Nevertheless for their question I replied by saying my feelings towards these people are much like my feelings towards people who suffer with same sex attraction. Some unfortunate event in their life has led them to despise the skin and gender they are in, but to carve open your outer person because your inner person has been made to doubt themselves is only confusion, we now belong to a society that promotes this same confusion. This problem which can be helped is then doubled when people paint those who disagree with the behaviour as hate filled or evil towards the people acting out the transsexual or gay lifestyle. This (much to their delight) ends the conversation before its even begun, for which those who are supportive to the gay or transgender person’s own hurt publicly have their say, whereas others, people who would support these sufferers in different ways, are shut out and silenced. Which leads into the second issue I’ve seen regarding these sorts of story, and that is why there’s no serious attempt at openness concerning it all.

Paul in his own words wrote it excellently like so: ‘If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied.’ Christians (we’re told) are deluded, victims of church and household indoctrination so deep that they’re incapable of seeing the depths of their delusion. Here’s where the idea of openness comes in. If such a person is wrong, and if what they stand for is mistaken (as people say), then why aren’t the enlightened pitying them for their opposition to both transgenderism and homosexuality? Instead they’re hell bent on destroying the character and attacking the name of anyone who disagrees with them! But for what reason is such an angry response needed if people who oppose the transsexual behaviour are already mistaken?

Here’s where the real issue is found, as the people who support the gay and transsexual movements (like Bruce) aren’t supporting the person who’s experiencing these desires, if they were they’d soon be agreeing with the naysayers, rather the advocate supports the behaviour which has developed from these desires. They actually support and promote operations to cut a person’s body and genitals to make their outward appearance seem as if belonging to another gender, they also support the acts found in homosexual relationships (ie gay marriage, sodomy, gay adoption.) On the other hand a Bible believing Christian, for example, would rather support the person behind the desire, not the desire itself, just like how you can love and support a member of your own family without loving everything they want to do.

The gay, lesbian and transsexual supporter literally cannot cope with that sort of objection, they can’t adequately dismiss people who hold no grudge against their club. Moreover these sorts of person are too varied to be attacked entirely, there’s the loving Christian, the person who’s undergone sex change surgery and now wishes they hadn’t, the ex gay who says he or she no longer feels how they used to, in addition to the children of same sex headed households who still disagree with the lifestyle. It’s because they can’t deal with such people that these pressure groups and supporters have to recast whomever disagrees as a hateful bigot driven by their hated hate to be hateful.

This is the silliness of these movements. Constantly on the attack but forever the victim, victimized yet victimizing, hated yet shooting the most hateful bile towards any who dare to oppose them. Take the many lawsuits that the gay community bring against small business owners as an example, when gay activists come to Christians who own hotels or bakers who disagree with their lifestyle and demand service they are persecuting, not being persecuted. They have gone out into the public space to enforce their views upon others, by law if necessary. But surely if these people are the loving, open and tolerant they wouldn’t be so filled with pettiness and rage as they often are. How is it that they can call others rude and evil only to then use the most evil means by which to attack.

Thinking furthermore on the issues surrounding sex change surgery, I wonder how an innocent child copes when their parent does something so drastic as alter their outward appearance to seem as something they’re clearly not. We already know the devastating impact divorce has on children, causing some to regress by several years in their development or even worse, but what would happen to a child when their dad becomes their new lipstick wearing, handbag swinging mother?! Excluding children in la la land whose father will be on the cover of vanity fair, how would an ordinary son or daughter react to their parent’s drastic transformation, we could picture them being as young as three or as old as thirty. You can imagine children that see their dad as a hero for who he is, its far from their sex that they’re interested in, rather they see the person, but to then see him become a female must be a living nightmare from which there’s no escape. We’d see this man as rather selfish I’m willing to bet, since he is a grown man after all, someone who has will and mettle enough to withhold certain desires of his everyday, yet still this person hurts himself and those around him for a fantasy life he cannot have. Bruce Jenner doesn’t have a womb, he isn’t a woman, he’s a man who’s been terribly altered, and to say he’s a woman is actually an insult to real women everywhere, he’s a man, and a fine man at that who accomplished many an awesome feat as the gender he was born into. Yes he may want certain things, he may desire a gender he can’t truly have, and I could even see past his want to damage himself irreparably in the pursuit of that, but to then feed that message out to vulnerable people who may in turn ruin their life and the lives of their family by this isn’t loving in the least. It’s selfish and weak willed.

The most bizarre and unnerving part of this whole affair goes on in secret, as is the case with all dysfunctions in our society, that’s where the slashes are made, the children are aborted and people are abused, however Bruce Jenner says “I’m the new normal.” Now everyone knows what the word normal means, it’s not a compliment as the gay and transsexual groups would like to use it, normal simply means the usual, typical, or expected state or condition.

Nonetheless we all know that Bruce Jenner’s thinking and actions aren’t the usual, his behaviour is the unusual, it’s neither typical or the expected condition, the expected condition is for men who were born men to remain unaltered by such drastic mental issues, so in what way does this man mean he’s the new normal? By normal what such people often mean to say is they’re acceptable in the eyes of their peer group and themselves, though that’s telling us something we already know, of course people who support their own decisions find these decisions acceptable, that’s undoubtedly the case. The bigger question isn’t whether or not this is normal, as we know it isn’t, rather the question is are men justified in mutilating their own bodies and being filled with drugs because they hate who they are and demand to live the lie that they’re female. Regardless of cost or consequence people in positions of power and influence now say yes, yes men and women are justified in pretending to be something they aren’t and spreading this message to the masses. These people ignore the findings of medical science and moral injunction not because they care about the person who are failing to accept who they are, in fact affirming their behaviour is actually harming them in the long term, instead they affirm this behaviour because they’re wedded to popular culture and the age old practice of not stepping on toes.

It’s the loving son who would beg their father not to do this, whereas it’s the perverted voyeurs and faceless ideologues who would cheer them on. We all feel as though we are in some way different from what we appear like or the things that we do, and that’s because we’re more than the sum total of our parts, we aren’t our bodily organs no more than you are your thumb or your big toe, you’re a soul within a body, not a body itself. It’s when people come to understand that that we’ll stop dividing our body parts like we’re Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, that’s real freedom, or as it’s written: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”

― T. C. M


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