Why is Easter such a big deal?

“America does not know the difference between money and sex. It treats sex like money because it treats sex as a medium of exchange, and it treats money like sex because it expects its money to get pregnant and reproduce.”

When I first read a quote from Peter  Kreeft I knew I’d be studying someone very articulate, someone very witty who although smarter than most of us could ever dream would write in a way an ordinary person could grasp. After all there’s no point in being so clever you end up as your own biggest fan! You have to be able to reach others, otherwise you’re alienating most of a world who you’d like to listen. What’s more considering how Easter has come and gone I thought it would be appropriate to share something from the above writer in favor of the Resurrection, along with my own thoughts on why Easter is such a big deal. Since it’s not the crucifixion that made Christianity, nor was it Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, it was an empty tomb and His life of self-sacrifice. So when a famous (or even an obscure) theater performance, film or book conveniently leaves out the Resurrection from its narrative, its simply not giving us the full story, they’re giving us a man’s death upon a cross, but many many people died upon crosses, many still do in areas controlled by Muslim fundamentalists today, therefore its not the death that has brought the subject to our attention.

What’s ultimately brought the event into our lives wasn’t the macabre involved, we all understand on a very real level the events leading up to Christ’s death involved pain, disgrace, publicity of shame, and more besides. Still it’s not the act of violence that made it so awesome, we could each imagine a more horrible set of tortures, or a deeper wound inflicted upon someone, but what people can’t comprehend is the most good willingly dying for the most evil. It’s that along with His Resurrection which has made Jesus Christ the greatest and most recognizable figure in all of history, that’s why we go so far as to measure the years by Him. The notion that love is so loving it would die for the sake of the hateful isn’t just a story unique to the Christian, it’s unique in history, a real event we can get at by study and questioning what the early eyewitnesses wrote. To me that’s amazing, and since Christ (who’s God) wasn’t limited in thought upon the cross (the situation was to the contrary actually), He was God enthroned in Heaven even during His torture and humiliation for our sake, meaning as God He didn’t lack knowledge when sacrificing His life for you and I, rather He was omniscient, meaning God Himself while in agony thought of you and me by name. If that’s true what sort of impact should that have on our lives?

Read evidence for the Resurrection by Peter Kreeft: Handbook of Christian apologetics

― T. C. M


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