News and views Monday 15th of December 2014: Abbott Urges ‘Business As Usual’ For Citizens

Clothed in an Arabic headband and forcing hostages to hold up an Islamic flag which says “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger.” Isn’t enough to convince world leaders that Islam has anything to do with this most recent hostage situation in Sydney, neither would another hundred selfsame attacks so it seems, to these men and women Islam means peace, the Koran wisdom, and there’s going to be no change in policy or the public narrative regarding the issue. The potential loss of life now and in the future which such attitudes perpetuate is shocking in the extreme, yet what’s also bothersome (insofar as it’s incredibly silly) are some of the words of Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbot, who’s been quoted to have said: “Our thoughts and prayers must above all go out to the individuals who are caught up in this.” Considering himself a Roman Catholic, one whose faith has no bearing on his decision making with regards to politics, Abbott’s comments are incredibly silly, does he urge people to pray in private for God’s intervention while he ignores that same God when in his position of power? Does he not realize that the hostage taker is also praying to his god, praying five times a day in fact! And who amidst our pluralistic nations is to say what every Australian Muslim should pray for, we’d be bigoted to question Muslims who sympathize and secretly encourage what the hostage taker is doing, for such knowledge Abbott comes out with his most secular, sagely advice thus far, saying “Nothing should ever change” and continuing, “go about business as usual.” And that’s all a secular leader can say, go about your business, move along now, say a prayer to the unknown god who we don’t much care for nor involve in our daily lives, he, she or it will comfort you, just don’t bring up that pesky God of the Christians and the Jews, He’s far too troublesome, too real bearing scars within his hands, let’s just say something is out there somewhere, at least until we can show otherwise.

― T. C. M

Australia’s PM says “the point of politically motivated violence is to scare people” as the Sydney hostage situation unfolds.

Australia’s Prime Minister has said there are “some indications” that the siege at a Sydney café could be politically motivated.

However, he added that the exact motivation is yet to be established.

Speaking at a news conference in Canberra, Tony Abbott said: “We have to appreciate that even in a society such as ours there are people who would wish to do us harm.

“That’s why we have police and security organisations of the utmost professionalism that are ready and able to respond to a whole range of situations and contingencies including the situation that we are now seeing in Sydney.

“The whole point of politically motivated violence is to scare people out of being themselves. Australia is a peaceful, open and generous society. Nothing should ever change that and that is why I would urge all Australians today to go about their business as usual.

“Of course if anyone does have any suspicions of untoward activity, there is the national security hotline, 1800-123-400, which I would urge them to call.”

He added: “Our thoughts and prayers must above all go out to the individuals who are caught up in this.

“I can think of almost nothing more distressing or terrifying than to be caught up in such a situation, and our hearts go out to those people.”

New South Wales Police also urged people to “go about their daily business as usual”. (Continue reading here.)

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