Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah? Michael Brown vs. Rabbi Immanuel Schochet

Understanding the Jewishness of Jesus was a huge breakthrough in my life, it leads into the realization that what’s found between the pages of the New Testament isn’t something Roman, neither did the early Christian movement begin within the middle ages by way of some council or oppressive authority, rather it was an authentic Jewish movement! One spoken on and defended by both men and women who went through some sort of transformative experience, that experience was meeting who they believed was the Jewish Messiah, that same movement remained thoroughly Jewish for over three hundred years, longer than America (for example) has been established as a nation! Dr. Michael Brown (for being Jewish himself) presents and expounds upon these truths so skillfully that I hope others take it upon themselves to begin their own study with some of his many lectures. (Lecture 1.) (Lecture 2.) (Lecture 3.) Beside of these lectures, because it’s easy to preach and pontificate without an opposing voice, I’m adding Dr Michael Brown vs. Rabbi Immanuel Schochet, with which the opposition in its most vocal form can too be heard. (Begin the debate here.)

― T. C. M

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