Dialogue II: Christians and leaving the gay issue alone

Whilst many will be expecting a sprawling epic of a conversation today, with both myself and an open minded supporter of same sex relationships hashing out our differences as respectfully as we’re able, you’re about to be disappointed. Many I’m saddened to write use the space they’re given online as their personal opinion dumping ground, an environment wherein they’re free to both proclaim views and dish out abuse unopposed by pesky objections, however, what are ordinary people to do when their heavily secularized viewpoint comes under fire by way of robust (yet respectful) criticism? Do such people engage, or does their silence tell of the weakness of their arguments.


posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 01:13 PM

a reply to: amazing Ummm, I have had a lot of gay friends and it is a choice, why do they say its not? Because they want you to think they have no choice so you will accept being gay as natural. If it was natural, why come up with an argument to protect it, I don’t hear anyone arguing that a lion was born to eat meat he can’t help it. The natural is obvious.


posted on Sep, 16 2014 @ 02:49 PM

a reply to: stok3th3fir3 So if you know to leave a lion alone, why not just leave gay people alone and let them live their lives instead of trying to control them and stop them from being married? We should treat others how we would like to be treated


posted on Oct, 3 2014 @ 04:53 PM

a reply to: arpgme Couldn’t the same be said to the group of people challenging the status quo? Why not leave a lion alone. I mean, when others write “why not just leave gay people alone” they seem to misunderstand it’s the religious person’s freedom of conscience that’s under attack nowadays. And rather than show how homosexual conduct is something positive to be embraced, as they ought to since they’re the people proposing the change in cultural norms and law, those behind the gay rights movement seem to prefer quoting Leviticus and misusing the word bigot.

I think we all agree with “We should treat others how we would like to be treated.” furthermore, yet how do you and I wish to be treated? If we’re going amiss in our behaviour and thinking wouldn’t we want to be helped to right ourselves? Many gay men and women think so, yet they too are attacked by the gay community for daring to say they’d like to or have changed their sexuality, they’re called liars and frauds for merely saying they’ve managed to change.

I wonder how many young men and women will mutilate their bodies so as to change sex with the LGBT community cheering them on this year, and all the while they’re utterly oblivious to the hypocrisy of refusing others the right to choose their sexuality. Moreover, when looking at the high levels of depression, suicide, mental illness, physical abuse, substance abuse, promiscuity, HIV and AIDS it’s easy to see why people are so unconvinced by the gay movement. These issues don’t just come up in conflict zones wherein homosexuality is unpopular, they’re commonplace amidst countries that support their gay communities wholeheartedly!

Originally posted here from September, 13 2014 to Oct, 3 2014. I hope onlookers who encounter conversations suchlike the above realise how the other side, that is to say same sex activists who dedicate their time, energy and effort into promoting a behaviour, who have no solid arguments other than appeals to emotion, they disregard the person behind a desire so to promote the desire itself. Furthermore, it’s they unbeknownst to even themselves who’re the enemies of every same sex attracted person alive today. Christians on the other hand, if they’re indeed followers of Christ, aren’t peddling soft soap though it might be the easier of two options, instead they speak out publicly and with boldness so to ensure that every man, woman and child regardless of fault might too share in an eternity of joy planned by God almighty. That is what love looks like.


 ― T. C. M

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