Betrayal of trust

Living within an open minded democracy its fairly easy to grow dissatisfied through time, which isn’t always something to be frowned upon, as that youthful idealism and want for something other than what we’re given can be an honest agent of change amidst apathetic, disengaged cultures. Yet there’s an emerging trend, one that’s more geared towards youthful naivety and mudslinging than better understanding why certain atrocities are happening both abroad and upon the home front, and although I’m in no wise drawn towards politics, I’d much enjoy highlighting just how destructive generation after generation of uninformed voters can be when left easy prey for propagandists and liberal indoctrination. Furthermore, today’s piece isn’t written for any dislike in particular of liberalism on my part, as today’s staunch conservatives who happily share coffee alongside their black co-workers were yesteryears radical liberals, there’s simply been what the English would call “A moving of the goal posts.”

Akin to shifting sands moving the goalposts is an English metaphor, it’s most often seen after liberals, having already achieved some stated goal of theirs, now attack their previous position for being too conservative! Of course many weaker willed conservatives are already taking up the previous position of liberals so to protect themselves from ad hominem attacks or being passed over for promotion within the workplace, such antics aren’t lost upon wily propagandists moreover. I’ve noticed such tactics ravage nations that could once boast of an awesomely informed voter populous, transforming whosoever is unlucky enough to be born therein into another of the zombie nation’s non-voting consumer cogs, so to naysayers of their particular nation I say be grateful for having leaders who’re still fearful of their corruption being exposed, and chuckle to yourselves over your neighbour’s silly war upon Christmas, as this only means your nation’s leaders are yet in fear of their electorate, and there’s still Christmas to be enjoyed. Let’s be away therefore, and upon an odyssey we’ll be taken to whereabouts there are surveillance cameras for every street corner, and where coercing self-censorship happens everyday, doing so because this too may be what your much beloved nation is transforming into.

britainWelcome to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland! Or perhaps more importantly England, since it’s the English who’re so utterly underfoot and without identity that they’ve become an example of modern day slavery, and their silence as if forewarning should forever be an example of how not to behave towards one’s governing officials. However, to those of you who yet believe the modern Englishman to look like so….

300px-Tuxedo_&_bowler_hat_1896you’re very much mistaken, rather Englishmen look in attire how you’d imagine nervous teenage wage slaves to appear. They’re not buck toothed gentlemen who dance the cobblestones whilst enjoying thoroughly their daily fish and chip lunch, instead they’re pitiable men who’re so disengaged from their own lives and the lives of others they’re happier staring into their shiny black shoes whilst upon their four hour commute than engaging with their zombielike family members. Many readers who’re less knowledgeable concerning England wouldn’t understand how its people could have at one point the highest working hours in Europe, while being simultaneously considered an unproductive nation! With many throughout Britain believing themselves doing the work of two people ( Nevertheless, there’s an obvious answer to why so tiny a land can house such immeasurable hatred of self and disinterest, that answer is politics.

Political apathy has always been fuelled through lack of choice, and when voters are persistently faced with two options touted as alternatives, yet with both leading to an inevitable outcome, they’re doomed to eject themselves from politics rather than suffer further disappointment against an elite who simply won’t represent their needs. Here’s wherein the danger of “moving the goalposts” appears, as discourse has become so scarce due to the hive minded elites, and dissent so unthinkable that questioning of the status quo that doesn’t involve further liberalism is received with fascistic retribution. Being excessively partisan wise words suchlike: “We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.” aren’t simply frowned upon, they’re considered downright dangerous!

Yet, “Isn’t being polarised bad?” I’ve heard others glibly ask, posing the question as if to say we’re incapable of challenging someone’s viewpoint without harbouring hatred for them. To that the obvious answer is no, there’s nothing wrong with challenging one another, and being of differing or even polarised views you’ll find essential to the process, I’m next going to illustrate how important that contrast of views has become therefore, though not by way of extolling its virtues, but via examining its alternative, that being England’s liberal fascist dictators, just imagine having no choice than to vote for people like these.

article-1286144538472-0b75aa0b000005dc-824821_636x300Hello, I’m David Cameron, leader of the ruling political party within England. I’m also a staunch conservative, doing conservative things suchlike promoting homosexual relationships, they aren’t hurting anybody after all (Record numbers of UK gay men test positive for HIV). Furthermore, I’m interested in other right-wing causes, climate change, gun control and supporting the rights of women to abort their unborn children, for example. With so stellar a track record I’ll be looking forward to your vote come election day, yet if you’re unimpressed by my leadership abilities thus far, I’d like to quote myself whilst speaking on the Woolwich attack, as nothing screams powerful leadership quite like defending the Ideology of people who’re looking to slaughter the British voters whenever possible: “This was not just an attack on Britain and on the British way of life; it was also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country. There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act. It is an utter perversion of the truth to pretend anything different.”

BRITAIN-GERMANY-EU-DIPLOMACY-MERKELHello, I’m Ed Miliband. Leader and representative of the labour party, moreover we’re the radical liberal alternative you’ve been waiting for! We’re fantastically liberal, promoting homosexual relationships, man-made climate change, gun control and defending the rights of women to abort their unborn children. You may already recognise me from an article found about my father between the pages of the Daily Mail, although I can’t quite remember by what name they titled it (The man who hated Britain). Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to your vote come election day, however, if you’re not yet sold upon voting labour, I’d like to quote myself whilst speaking on the ISIS situation, as nothing screams dynamic leadership like defending an ideology which demands that I, a non-practicing Jew, be killed like an animal: “We are dealing with a generational struggle caused by the perversion of one of the world’s great religions, Islam.”

nick-clegg-looking-sadHello, I’m Nick Clegg. I enjoy long walks upon the beach and regularly cry to music, I’m also the leader and representative of the third largest political party in England. We’re known as the liberal democrats, and we’re the radical alternative you lonely students have been longing for (Nick Clegg admits breaking tuition fees pledge). Liberal democrats can boast of promoting homosexual relationships, man-made climate change, abortion and gun control, in total contrast to the fanatical right-wing loons that populate the party of David Cameron. Therefore I know upon election day you’ll be voting liberal democrat! However, if for some reason you’re unimpressed by what’s been shown so far, I’d like to quote myself whilst speaking on the Woolwich attack, because when there’s an attack targeting servicemen upon English soil, you can be darn sure we’ll be there to talk about the fantastic example Muslims are setting: “An unspeakable act has been conducted in their name. Yet while this has provoked feelings of frustration and anger – it flies in the face of the peace and love that Islam teaches – Muslim organizations, Mosques, Imams and community leaders have responded with a call for unity and calm. They have set an example for us all.”

Welcome to the world of English politics, where anyone who disagrees with what’s written above has no representation within government, nor are such people’s wants reflected by way of popular culture, rather they’re defamed through caricatures, ousted from their workplaces, and ultimately faced with either changing their views or being coerced into silence. The nation’s leaders behave much like how you’d expect an atheist state to treat its plebeian citizens, with bullying and threats being their top-priority. Value your imperfect politics therefore, and celebrate that both liberals and conservatives are able to express your most disliked views within earshot, because if certain people are allowed to have their way, opposing views could be off of the table entirely. Politicians would consider that mission accomplished.


― T. C. M


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